All about cats

Many of us have pets. These can be dogs, cats, hamsters, slaves, chinchillas, rats, parrots, etc. In this section, we will talk with you about how to properly raise cats and learn a lot of interesting things about them.

You need to know a few rules in raising cats.

1.From the very beginning, as soon as your kitten appeared in the house, you need to decide once and for all what can and cannot be done to him. If it is forbidden to climb on the dining table, then you should never let him do it.

2. It is necessary to scold for bad deeds immediately, and not after a while, tk. your kitten will not understand why he is being scolded and may be offended for a while.

3. The cat must be caught immediately at the "crime scene", while shouting loudly or making any loud noise.

From the first days of the appearance of a cat in your house, you need to show love and care for him. If initially the kitten does not feel warmth and care from you, then it will be more difficult to establish contact with him. Be sure to equip kitten with your own corner. This can be any box in which the kitten will hide from danger, or simply rest, knowing that this is only his place and no one will disturb him. It is best to put in a rag with the scent of his mom-cat. Remember that a kitten chooses a place for itself, and you should not force and keep it in a place that, for example, you like. This will not achieve anything.

It is quite understandable that a cat can sleep with you, but he should only do this with your permission. Why? I explain. If it happens that you do not want him to sleep with you, then the kitten will calmly and without offense go to his sleeping place. Otherwise, the cat will understand that he is allowed a lot, and it will be almost impossible to wean him from the habit of sleeping with you.

The cat grows - the problems grow too ... claws. Train your cat to the scratching post. ITS can be bought at a pet store, or you can do it yourself: take a block of wood and cover it with carpet, you can wrap it with a thick rope. The main thing is that your pet likes it, in this case you will distract his attention from the furniture. For other deeds, perhaps the best remedy is water.

Need to know:

1. Body temperature in cats is 38 degrees Celsius.

2. The skeleton of a cat consists of 230 bones, while the human skeleton consists of 206 bones. 10% of the bones are in the tail. The tail helps to keep balance.

3. To see well, a cat needs 6 times less light than a human. Usually blue-eyed white cats are deaf.

4. Whiskers help cats determine if it will fit through the hole.

5. Cats smell 14 times better than humans.

6. The cat has more than 100 kittens in her entire life.

7. When walking, cats lean on their fingers. They can jerk when running up to 50 km / h.

8. The oldest cat was 35 years old.

9. People who have cats at home live longer.

10. Cats can make 100 different sounds. By comparison, there are only 10 dogs.

11. Cats cannot stand the smell of orange and lemon.

12. Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day.

13. The life expectancy of cats is about 15 years.

14 cats rub against humans to kill strangers


15. Cats are more aggressive when not neutered.

The health of cats is 90% dependent on the owner. So talk to your veterinarian about getting your pet vaccinated right away. Cats usually don't die from the flu if they get vaccinated. Proper feeding is also the key to the health of cats. If your cat is sick, the first signs are:

- The cat is lethargic, does not respond, aggressive, tries to find a place where she will not be disturbed.

- The tip of the nose is dry, shortness of breath, decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea.

As soon as you notice that something is amiss, contact your veterinarian.

Bathing cats is necessary, but not often. Use special shampoos for your pet, do not wash with human shampoo. Cats are afraid of water, or rather, they are afraid not of water itself, but of noise. Therefore, it is best to bathe in some container, having previously collected water there. If the cat is nervous, then calm them down, you can leave it for a while so that it calms itself down. Most importantly, remember that bathing is stressful for any cat.

Well, that's probably all I wanted to say about cats. Take care of your pets. And let them bring only positive emotions to your home.