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  • The smallest horse in the world was a stallion from the American state of South Carolina named Little Pumpkin, whose height was 35.5 cm on November 30, 1975, and weighed about 9 kg.
  • The tallest was recognized as the Merina, Shire Sampson breed, who was born in 1846 in Great Britain. In 1850, his height at the withers reached 2.19 meters, and his weight was 1524 kg.
  • Horses of dubious pedigree cannot participate in races with purebred horses. It is still useless, since purebred horses are stronger and faster.
  • The speed record for a domestic horse in a race was recorded in Mexico City at a quarter mile distance. It belonged to the thoroughbred stallion Beach Rakit, who ran at 69.69 km / h.
  • If a horse is eligible to be registered in the Horse Pedigree Book, then it is recognized as a purebred horse. The book began to be compiled in England in 1791 and can be traced back to horse pedigrees since 1690.
  • Arabian horses have a unique profile as their skeletal structure differs from other horses. The Arabian breed has 17 ribs, in contrast to 18 in others, 16 caudal and 5 lumbar vertebrae versus 18 and 6 in ordinary horses. These are very beautiful animals, their images are often used for wallpaper with horses.
  • The maximum documented lifespan of a horse was 62 years. This long-liver, Old Billy, was born in Great Britain in 1760. He worked as a tow barge for a navigation company until 1819. He was then sent to a farm near Warrington, where he died in November 1822
  • At the London auction, Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum bought a one-year-old horse for 5 million 536 thousand dollars. The bargaining lasted four hours. The seller's name remained unknown, but his net income amounted to more than 5 million, since he himself paid 360 thousand dollars for the stallion in the United States.
  • In August 1983, the same Sheikh Mohammed sold his purebred English stallion Sharif Dancer for $ 40 million.
  • In the book of records, it is recorded that in 1975 the stallion Samting in Johannesburg was able to jump over a moat with water, the width of which was equal to 8, 4 meters. In 1949, in Chile, a horse named Huazo was able to take a record height of 2.47 meters.