Interesting facts about alcoholism in animals

For a fairly long period of time, in the scientific world it was believed that the ability to become dependent on things that do not carry a vital necessity is inherent exclusively in the human body. However, this turned out to be far from the case. Our smaller brothers, even in the wild, also like to use, so to speak, intoxicated.

European gardeners are fighting snails by placing plates of beer on the plantations. Beer-hungry snails get drunk, and drunks drown in a drunken drink.

It turns out that hedgehogs love not only milk, but also beer and wine, but when they get drunk they become easy prey for predators, because they do not have time to curl up in a ball at the moment of danger.

Monkeys love to alcohol sometimes costs freedom. Knowing that primates are partial to alcohol, local hunters catch them using this harmful weakness. The hunters go into the forest, taking with them a huge can of beer and several mugs. In full view of the monkeys, the hunters drink beer, then go out into the forest and hide in the bushes, watching the animals. The monkeys immediately go downstairs, circle the can and get drunk to a "pig" state. Packing dead drunken animals is easy.

Elephants prepare their own home brew. They dig a hole with their tusks, carry all kinds of tropical fruits there and throw them with leaves and grass. When the mass begins to roam, elephants come to this place and consume it. Drunken elephants wander around the forest aimlessly, trumpeting and brawling loudly.

Robins and blackbirds peck at overripe apples and berries from time to time, and after that the dead ones fall asleep right on the branches. In this state, you can catch them with your hands.

Bees and wasps are notorious alcoholics. When the scientists gave the bees a choice of a sugar solution and an 80% alcoholic beverage, the bees did not hesitate to choose alcohol.

Rats just crave beer, it is in it that it is best to add poison to exterminate rats.