Interesting facts about rats

The first white rats were bred in England. They are called royal rats.

Some types of rats can grow to enormous sizes, for example the Gambian rats reach a weight of 4 kilograms.

Interestingly,, a female rat is ready to reproduce at six weeks of age and carries litters of up to 20 pups each month.

A rat's teeth always have yellow tips and do not stop growing until the animal dies.

The first laboratory rats were bred back in 1828 in Europe.

Brother and sister selection of at least 300 generations is used to create a specific laboratory rat strain.

Rats can stay awake for 17-20 days.

The ancient Romans did not distinguish between rats and mice, instead they called them ratus major (big rat) and ratus minor (small rat).

Rats have poor eyesight, and therefore are guided by the vibrations received by the whiskers ..

The rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Interesting fact, rats use their tail to control their body temperature.

Rats tolerate radiation well, their weakest point is their tail.

In the Middle Ages, to destroy rats in the holds of ships, sailors fed a killer rat, keeping the captured rats in a cage without food, until they began to eat each other, and there was only one - the strongest. She was released into the hold and she killed all relatives.