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  1. An average of $ 5, 000 is spent on a dog over 10 years.
  2. Almost 60 million dogs live in the United States.
  3. Irish Wolfhounds have the shortest lifespan, approximately 7-8 years.
  4. In the United States, at least 15 people die each year from dog bites.
  5. Interesting fact - Dogs killed more people in 2002 than the great white shark has killed in the past 100 years.
  6. Dalmatian puppies do not have any spots when they are born. The spots appear as they get older.
  7. Collie is the most intelligent breed of dog.
  8. Snoopers have been used since the 1600s to spy on criminals.
  9. The average urban dog lives approximately three years longer than the rural dog.
  10. Dog Disco is held in Italy every year where owners can dance with their dogs.
  11. Nose prints are used to identify dogs as they are as unique as human fingerprints.
  12. All dogs are descendants of wolves that lived in East Asia approximately 15, 000 years ago.
  13. Approximately 30% of Americans admit to leaving messages on answering machines for their dogs while they are away from home.
  14. The dog was the first to go into space (likes Belka and Strelka).
  15. Interesting fact, dogs cannot see colors, they are color blind.
  16. Only dogs sweat their tongues.
  17. The fastest dog, the greyhound, can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour.