The smallest horse in the world

She may be small, only 43 centimeters tall and weighs 30 kilograms, but this is an adult horse. Thumbelina is officially the smallest horse in the world. This title was awarded to her in 2006, when the five-year-old baby entered the Guinness Book of Records.

This little pony was born on a farm that specializes in breeding miniature horses. They usually reach about 120 kilograms in weight and about 80 centimeters in height. Thumbelina's amazing size has been explained as dwarfism. This makes it a miniature miniature.

She enjoys hanging out with Cocker Spaniels rather than other horses on the farm. Since her legs are proportionally smaller than her torso and head, she must wear prosthetics for support.

Thumbelina reaches the shins of an adult horse, and her size has made her something of a celebrity in her hometown in America. She lives on a cup of grain and a handful of hay served twice a day.

The owners do not want to sell her and procreate offspring from her, especially since with a high risk of death, it is not a fact that the dwarf gene will manifest itself in her children.