Interesting facts about the great white shark

Great white sharks still remain a mystery to scientists. They scour the entire ocean in search of food. Scientists still don't know how long they live, how often and where they breed, and how fast they grow. Did you know that Great White Sharks have a number of properties (behavior and anatomical features) that make them effective killers. For sensing, the white shark has special reflectors in its nose that can detect electric currents up to 0.005 mV generated by all living things in the water. An interesting fact - the extremely acute and sensitive sense of smell allows the Great White to detect small amounts of blood in the water at distances of up to 5 km. Like a razor with sharp teeth arranged in several rows, the shark tries to bite the victim in the head or torso. She then swims away a short distance, waiting for the victim to bleed out, then attacks again, intoxicated by the smell of blood. The largest white shark caught was 11 meters long. Some eyewitnesses claimed to have seen larger specimens, but these facts were not documented. Paleontologists have discovered the fossilized jaws of an ancient marine predator that is the ancestor of the great white and called Megalodon Charcharodon The size of the jaw indicates that this creature may have been more than 25 meters in size! Interestingly, some scientists argue that perhaps such monsters still exist, we just haven't found them yet.