Facts about record-breaking animals

The owner of the longest animal language is a mammal - an anteater. Its head resembles an elongated trunk, but its long tongue does not fit even in such a "case". Therefore, the tongue of the anteater does not begin in the mouth or throat - it is attached to the sternum.

The Burgundy snail, widespread in France, weighs 20 grams and can withstand a weight of 250 grams. If you put a burgundy snail on the edge of a sharpened razor, it will crawl along the blade without getting hurt, since the mucus it secretes protects it from cuts.

Observations of the giant dough-to-giant tortoise from the island of Mauritius have shown that it is the slowest moving reptile on earth. Even when the turtle is hungry and tempted to prey, it cannot overcome even four meters in a minute.

The larvae of some insects eat 200 times more food per day than they themselves weigh.

The silkworm in 56 days increases in weight 56 ​​thousand times!

One of the longest animals in the world is the lineus sea worm. Usually its length is 10-15 meters, but there are specimens reaching 30 meters.

The most "frost-resistant" are ducks and geese. Experiments carried out by Norwegian scientists have shown that they can withstand temperatures down to minus 110 degrees, while polar bears and seals can only withstand up to 80 degrees below zero. Most other animals do not tolerate temperatures below 45 degrees.

The most alpine creatures are spiders. They live at an altitude of 7, 500 meters. Spiders eat only what the wind blows towards them. Birds live at an altitude of 4, 500, and some species of butterflies at 6, 000 meters.