Interesting facts about the kidneys

The kidneys are the organ responsible for cleansing the blood of toxins that accumulate in the body as a result of metabolism. Blood enters the kidneys through the veins and passes through special filters - nephrons, which purify the blood.

Finding out where the kidneys are located is not difficult. You need to put your hands on your belt and put your thumbs up. The kidneys are located on the line between the fingertips.

Urolithiasis is the most common and severe kidney disease. Indian doctor Ashish Rawandale-Patil, a urologist from Dhule, Maharashtra, won a place in the Book of Records for removing a record 172, 155 kidney stones from a single kidney.

Exacerbation of kidney disease most often occurs in winter due to a lack of vitamins at this time of the year.

In a pregnant woman, the load on the kidneys increases tenfold.

The kidneys filter 1500-2000 liters of blood every day. In 5 minutes, the entire volume of blood contained in the body manages to pass through the kidneys (in an adult it is about 5 liters). And all the blood fluid manages to be filtered approximately 300 times per day. Blood enters the kidneys through the renal artery. In the kidneys, it is cleared of metabolic products. These kidney products are excreted from the body through urine. And the purified blood leaves the kidney through the renal vein.

The total length of the capillaries in the kidney is 25 kilometers.

One kidney contains 1 million filter elements.

The kidneys weigh from 120 to 200 grams, with the right one weighing slightly more than the left. In thickness, they reach a size of 4 cm.

The first artificial kidney - a hemodialysis machine - was used in 1944. In 2013, American scientists developed a bioengineered implantable artificial kidney.

According to statistics, for every 10, 000 kidney transplants, the death rate is about 5 people. In developing countries, this parameter is ten times higher.

A kidney donor reduces life expectancy by 10-15 years.

The cost of one kidney varies from 1 to 30 thousand US dollars, depending on the country.

Simon Darnis, 27, from the United States, sold his kidney to "upgrade his character" in the popular online computer game World of Warcraft.

Since 2006, Kidney Day is celebrated - the second Thursday in March. 27. In case of arterial hypertension and heart disease, the kidneys also suffer. Kidney failure increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 25 times.