Interesting facts about earwax

In the outer ear there are about 2000 sulfuric glands, which secrete 12-20 mg of earwax per month. Earwax is very important to our health, and its sticky texture matters. Dust, dirt, bacteria, fungi and other dangerous irritants stick to it, thus not getting into the ear, one of the most sensitive areas of our body, moreover, as you can see, it is quite open to external influences.

Earwax contains special enzymes - lysozymes. Lysozymes destroy the cell walls of foreign bacteria in two ways: first of all, they trap microbes, acting like sticky paper for flies, and then dissolve them biochemically.

Doctors call this substance cerumin. Earwax comes in a variety of colors. In the white and black race, earwax is yellowish, moist and soft. However, in some Asian groups (for example, the Mongols), it is grayish, dry and brittle. A certain gene is responsible for sulfur. Wet sulfur is created by a dominant gene, dry sulfur - by a recessive one.

Although we are taught from childhood to clean our ears, from a health point of view, it is better to leave some sulfur in them. Sometimes not only cleanliness is important for health, but also the natural secretion of the body.

Normally, earwax is removed spontaneously when the temporomandibular joint moves when talking or chewing.