Was Zoe's standing?

More than half a century ago, on New Year's Eve, the so-called "standing of Zoe" took place in Samara - a phenomenon that many believers consider the greatest Christian miracle of our time, and skeptics an unprecedented attack of mass psychosis.

In detail, the folk version of "Zoya Standing" looks like this. On New Year's Eve, a company of young people gathered at the invitation of her son in the house of Bolonkina Klavdia Petrovna at 84 Chkalova Street. Klavdia Petrovna herself, who worked as a salesman in the "Beer - Water" stall, was a devout person, did not approve of noisy merriment during the Christmas fast, so she went to her friend. After spending the old year, having met the new and thoroughly loaded with alcohol, the youth decided to dance. Among others, Zoya Karnaukhova was at the table. She did not share the general fun, and there were reasons for that. The day before, she met a young intern named Nikolai, and he promised to come to the holiday. But time passed, and Nicholas was not there. Friends and girlfriends danced for a long time, some of them began to tease Zoya: “Why aren't you dancing? Forget about him, he will not come, come to us! " - "Will not come?! - Karnaukhova flashed. - Well, since my Nicholas is not there, I will dance with Nicholas the Wonderworker! "

House No. 84 Chkalov St. Samara

Zoya put a chair to the red corner, stood on it and took the icon from the shelf, took the icon and pressed it to her chest. She entered the circle of dancers, spun in the dance ... and suddenly froze, as if she had grown into the floor. It was impossible to move it, and the icon could not be taken out of hand - it seemed to be glued tightly. The girl did not show external signs of life, but her heart was beating.

Zoe's friends called an ambulance. Anna Pavlovna Kalashnikova was part of the medical team that came to the call.

From the story of Kalashnikova's daughter, Nina Mikhailovna, about that case:

- In the morning of that day, my mother came home and immediately woke us all up, - “You are all asleep, ” he says, “and the whole city is already on our ears! On Chkalov Street, the girl turned to stone! Standing right with the icon in her hands - and not from the spot, I saw it myself ”. And then the mother told how she tried to give her an injection, but only broke all the needles.

Today, Kalashnikova's memories are, in fact, the only living evidence that a miracle really happened in house No. 84.

Also, the rector of the temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the village of Neronovka, Samara region, father Roman Derzhavin claims that his father told him a similar story in childhood.

A slightly different version of events was presented by party officials:

“The incident on Chkalovskaya Street is a wild, shameful incident. It serves as a reproach to the propaganda workers of the city committee and district committees of the CPSU. Let the ugly grimace of the old way of life, which many of us saw in those days, become a lesson and warning for them. "

This is a quote from the city newspaper Volzhskaya Kommuna dated January 24, 1956. The feuilleton "A Wild Case" was published by the decision of the 13th Kuibyshev Regional Party Conference, convened urgently in connection with religious unrest in the city.

The first secretary of the OK CPSU, Comrade Efremov, gave the delegates a powerful blast on this topic. Here is a quote from the transcript of his speech:

“Yes, this miracle happened - shameful for us, communists, leaders of party organizations. Some old woman walked and said: here in this house the youth danced, and one ohalnitsa began to dance with the icon and turned to stone. After that, they began to say: petrified, stiffened - and off it went. The people began to gather because the leaders of the militia bodies acted ineptly. Apparently, someone else had a hand in this. They immediately set up a police post, and where the police are, there are eyes. The police turned out to be little, as the people kept coming, they set up the mounted police. And the people, if so, - all there. Some even thought of making a proposal to send priests there to eliminate this shameful phenomenon ... "

At the party meeting, it was decided to sharply intensify anti-religious propaganda in Kuibyshev and the region. In the first eight months of 1956, over 2000 scientific atheistic lectures were delivered - this is 2.5 times more than in the entire previous year. But their effectiveness was low. As evidenced by the "Certificate on the implementation of the resolutions of the Bureau of the OK CPSU for 1956 on the department of propaganda and agitation, " reports were coming from practically all regions that rumors about the "petrified girl" were still very strong among the people; religious sentiments have sharply increased; during fasting, people rarely go out into the streets with an accordion; the attendance of cinemas decreased, and during the Holy Week, the sessions were completely disrupted due to the lack of spectators in the halls. Detachments of Komsomol agitators walked the streets of the city, claiming that they had been in a house on Chkalovskaya Street and had not seen anything there. But, as follows from reports from the field, these actions only added fuel to the fire, so that even those who did not believe in a miracle began to doubt: maybe there really was something ...

Among the inhabitants of the region and even beyond its borders, the "life" compiled by an unknown author Zoino went from hand to hand. It began like this: "Let the whole earth bow down to You, O Lord, let it sing praise to Your Name, let it give thanks to You, who wants to turn many away from the path of wickedness to the true faith." And it ended with the words: “If anyone reads these miracles and does not believe, he will sin. Compiled and written down by the hand of an eyewitness. " The content of the “document” itself differs in places in different copies - apparently, when rewriting, people added something from themselves, but the main plot is about the same everywhere.

Monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker

And what happened next with the frozen girl? Doctors and priests came and could not help either, but then Hieromonk Seraphim appeared.

After serving the water-blessing prayer, he took the icon out of Zoe's hands and returned it to its place, and also predicted that its standing would end on Easter. Zoe stood for 128 days and died on the third day of Easter.

Perhaps we are talking about the then rector of the Peter and Paul Church in the city of Kuibyshev, Seraphim Poloz, who, soon after the events described, was convicted of sodomy - a rather widespread reprisal against undesirable clergy in those days.

Little has changed on Chkalov Street for half a century. Only house No. 84 itself reminds of the events of 1956, as well as the absence of a nearby bus stop, which, as it was liquidated during the Zoya Troubles, was never restored.

In 2012, a monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker was erected on Chkalov Street. The monument was erected in front of house 86, behind which, in the depths of the quarter, house number 84 is located.