Human memory records

Englishman Dominic O'Brianen is banned from visiting casinos in all countries of the world. This is not surprising: Dominic has a phenomenal memory, therefore, memorizing the cards in the deck is not difficult for him. O'Brianen needs 2-3 days to learn a new language; he memorizes about 300 new words per hour. In 1994, he even became the world champion from memory, having memorized 152 Chinese words in 15 minutes.

Another Englishman, Daniel Tammet, after a severe seizure of epilepsy in childhood, was able to perform complex calculations in his mind, operating with numbers consisting of more than a hundred signs.

American Kim Peak, who became the prototype of the hero of the movie "Rain Man", memorized a page of text in a few seconds, knew 12 thousand previously read books by heart, remembered maps of all cities and highways in the United States, and could easily tell the day of the week for any date on the calendar for the last 2000 years.

Once Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin lost the fifth chapter of his famous work "Eugene Onegin". It happened during a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg, therefore, the great poet did not even hope to find her. Pushkin was rescued by his brother Lev Sergeevich. He read this chapter once and listened to it again. This was enough to restore the chapter verbatim.

Chess players are known to have excellent memory. For example, world champion Alexander Alekhin remembered all the games he played. And Frank James Marshall, a grandmaster from the United States, in the twenties of the last century conducted a session of simultaneous play on 155 boards. After this chess marathon, Marshall was able to accurately reconstruct 153 games from memory.

Telephone directories are, of course, convenient, but Chinese Gu Yanglin does not need them at all. He already remembers 15, 000 numbers. Even more impressive is the result of Paula Prentice, who works as a help desk operator in Tasmania. Paula can remember over 120, 000 phone numbers, addresses and institution names. Equally interesting is the fact that Paula Prentis failed the school exam in mathematics.

Briton Bartholomew Parker Bidder worked in an insurance company in the 1930s. One day, a fire destroyed all of the company's records. But Bidder saved his colleagues: in six months he restored all the documents from memory.

In 1934, the famous ballerina Lina Po (Gorenstein Polina Mikhailovna) lost her eyesight as a result of complications from the flu. The ballet had to be left, but a talented person is talented in everything: Lina Po decided to become a sculptor. For 14 years she has created more than 100 sculptures of famous people. She worked, of course, from memory.

Contemporaries assured that the great philosopher of ancient Greece Socrates knew all the inhabitants of Athens. And the population of the city at that time was about 30, 000 people.

Italian scholar Antonio Maliabeki remembered by heart all the notes from his library, which consisted of 40, 000 books and 10, 000 manuscripts.

Atlanta resident Joe Walker was once called "Mr. Ballless Encyclopedia." The talented baseball journalist kept in his memory thousands of results of the games over the years, he remembered the biographies of all the famous masters of this game. The only thing Walker could not do was to broadcast live, as a child the boy went blind, but did not give up his dream of becoming a sports journalist. Having lost his sight, Walker could only count on his memory.