Coral Castle - One Man's Mystery

If you go by car from Miami along the main highway of Florida towards Florida City and turn west at the intersection with the sign "Coral Castle, 3 miles", then the traveler will find a truly man-made miracle - Coral Castle. Perhaps you will say that castles are a dime a dozen everywhere and there is nothing interesting about it. And you will be mistaken, because this castle is special - it is surrounded by mystery that you can touch in the truest sense of the word ...

Coral Castle is a complex of huge statues and megaliths with a total weight of 1, 100 tons, built by hand, without the use of machines. The complex includes: a two-story square tower weighing 243 tons, various structures, massive walls, an underground pool with a spiral staircase, a stone map of Florida, rough-hewn chairs, a heart-shaped table, an accurate sundial, stone Mars and Saturn, and a 30-ton a month with its horn pointing exactly to the North Star, and much more.

And this whole castle was built alone by a small (152 cm, 45 kg) and weak-looking man - Edward Lidskalninsh, who spent 20 years on the construction of the structure, dragging huge blocks of coral limestone from the coast, and hewed out blocks from it, without using even primitive a jackhammer - all the tools he made from abandoned car remains.

How did Ed manage to build this wonderful castle? The legend says that everything began with unhappy love ... The beginning of this amazing story goes back to the end of the 19th century, to Latvia, when on August 10, 1887, the future Coral-castle builder was born in Riga. At the age of 26, he became engaged to Agnes Scaffs, with whom he was passionately in love. But, literally the day before the wedding, the bride broke off the engagement ... According to the girl, little and poor Edward, who has only 4 years of education, could hardly make her happy. And then - is it a hereditary stonecutter for her a couple? Indeed, she later married a successful doctor and gave birth to 3 sons.

Heartbroken and deeply saddened by the loss of his beloved, Edward decides to leave his homeland, to leave as far as possible from the places where everything reminds him of the recent tragedy. And now Ed is in America. At first he works in Canada, then in California, then in Texas. Suffering from tuberculosis, he decided to move to a better climate. And in 1918, Ed moved to Florida, where he remained until almost 1936. Having bought a small piece of empty land, he began to implement his idea - the construction of a coral structure. But the site was not only small, which did not correspond to the plans, but also turned out to be inconvenient, first of all, because of the neighboring adjacent buildings. And Ed finds and buys a new 10-acre lot, 10 miles from the old place.

This is where the echoes of the first mystery begin to emerge: How did Ed move the already stored coral blocks to a new location? He had an agreement with a friend who has a tractor with a trailer, that in the evening he would put the equipment near Ed's house, and in the morning he would take the load to the new estate. While many saw coral blocks being transported along the state highway back then, no one saw Ed loading or unloading a car. Neighbors unanimously claim that he did not have any tractors or lifts. Ed did everything at night by the light of a lantern, with the observance of careful measures of confidentiality, and to all questions he proudly answered: "I discovered the secret of the pyramid builders!" And this process of transportation took him almost 3 years.

The area surrounded by high walls can be accessed through a giant door. The 9-ton lump is axially secured with just one pin and can be easily opened by turning, just push it a little with your finger.

The first thing that catches your eye is a bizarre two-story square tower, towering among the rest of the buildings. Among the sculptures there are also celestial objects - Saturn, Mars and a huge crescent. Huge stone rocking chairs, beds. Under the ground, there is a magnificent pool where rainwater flows. The sundial shows the time with an accuracy of two minutes. The heart-shaped hewn table is called “the world's largest valentine” ...

In 1952, E. Lidskalninsh died suddenly of stomach cancer. After his death, fragmentary records were found in a room at the top of a square tower, which says something about the magnetism of the Earth and "the control of the flows of cosmic energy." But - no specific explanations ... A few years after Ed's death, the intrigued American Engineering Society, wanting to prove the castle builder's deception, conducted its own experiment: they rented the most powerful bulldozer and tried to move one of the blocks, which Edward did not manage to use in construction. It didn't work out. Thus, the secret of the construction of the castle and the transportation of boulders remained insoluble for the time being.

There are no direct eyewitnesses to the construction, Ed did not allow anyone to visit his object (for his unsociability and asceticism, he was even nicknamed "gloomy Ed"). However, according to the recollections of some elderly Americans, who were still boys at that time, coral blocks at Ed's construction site flew through the air like toys ... lingering sounds. “At first I thought the guy was crazy, ” she said.

Scientists who have studied the Ed Phenomenon for decades say they still have more questions than answers. For example, they tried to remove the multi-ton revolving door that hung at the entrance to the castle. To do this, they needed a powerful crane and several dozen workers. The door was removed - and it turned out that it was attached only to a rusty suspension from a truck, which immediately crumbled with old age. The best engineers and modern computer technology had to be attracted to hang the door in its original place.

According to Ray Stoner, author of the book on Coral-castle, Edward, like the ancient pyramid builders, possessed the secret of anti-gravity control. According to this theory, our planet is covered with a giant energy grid, and at the intersection of the "lines of force" there is a colossal concentration of the Earth's internal energy, with the help of which you can move things in space and time, regardless of their weight. Stoner believes that in South Florida, exactly where Ed built his castle, there is a powerful diamagnetic pole. Thanks to him, Ed managed to overcome the forces of gravity, create a levitation effect and single-handedly build a grandiose complex. By the way, it is possible that Ed moved his construction sixteen kilometers away from the original site for a reason - it was not a fad, the master was just a little mistaken in his calculations ...

Stoner's version is not the only one. There are researchers who believe that Ed built a castle at the UFO landing site. That is why there is an astronomical part in it. By the way, this version does not contradict Stoner's hypothesis: modern Egyptologists, studying the technologies possessed by the builders of the ancient pyramids, are increasingly inclined to the conclusion about the extraterrestrial origin of this civilization. There are those who are sure that contact with other worlds was and continues to be made from here. And maybe Coral-castle - a kind of "space negotiation point"?

In a small living room located at the top of a square tower, his notes were found - homemade brochures. They talk about the magnetism of the Earth, about the control of the flows of cosmic energy and more, but these records do not give a concrete clue to the building secret. It is not surprising that Ed's story is overgrown with legends and hypotheses.

In any case, the "recipe" for building a coral castle remains a mystery for both scientists and ordinary people. And the castle itself has become a local attraction, which each code attracts a huge number of tourists who want to touch the miracle.