Interesting facts about mummies

Mummification (from the Persian word "mum" - wax) appeared in 2600 BC. e. during the 4th dynasty of the Egyptian pharaohs. The oldest mummy is considered to be the mummy of a noble young woman, buried around 2600 BC. e. on the plateau in Giza near the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. Her remains (apparently one of the first cases of mummification) were discovered at a depth of 1.83 m during excavations on March 17, 1989. Only the skull has survived intact. It is believed that she lived during the time of the disappeared kingdom of Ankh Pta.

The oldest surviving mummy is that of the court musician Watie, 2400 BC. e., discovered in 1944 in the empire of the Nefer dynasty in Saqqara, Egypt.