Strange facts about the seeing blind

"Tagil miracle" scientists called an extraordinary phenomenon - the so-called phenomenon of Rosa Kuleshova - a woman from the Ural city of Nizhny Tagil. Having found herself, for a number of reasons, from the age of sixteen in the environment of the blind, Rosa tried to read the printed text in the same way as they do, by touch, and unexpectedly for herself found out what she saw ... with her fingertips. Numerous studies carried out in the Sverdlovsk clinic, and then in Moscow, revealed that under the skin, and perhaps in the skin of Rosa Kuleshova's fingers, there are real receivers of light, a kind of organs of vision. It was found that there were 10 light-sensitive elements for every square millimeter of Kuleshova's finger pads.

Compensating for hearing impairment, the body of deaf people develops a high sensitivity to vibration sensations. With the entire surface of the body, they perceive vibrations produced by resonating objects. To better "hear", for example, playing the piano, they put their hands on the lid of the instrument, and at a symphony concert they sit with their backs to the orchestra, since air vibrations are better perceived by their backs.