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  1. A monument to a front-line postman was erected in Voronezh. Its prototype was Ivan Leontyev, who served as a postman of the 33rd ship regiment during the Great Patriotic War, who died in 1944. And a legend has already appeared in the city that you can find a person who disappeared without a trace like this: go to the monument and touch the bundle of letters in the hand of the postman. After that, the person who is looking for will inform about himself.
  2. The reckless Spanish postman Gabriel March Grandos had every chance to go down in history as the person who received the longest prison sentence. During the trial, the prosecutor requested 384, 912 years of imprisonment for the offender. Gabriel's fault was that he, due to laziness, did not deliver a significant part of the correspondence to the addressees. Thus, the number of letters that disappeared without a trace has reached an impressive figure - 42, 768 pieces. True, the real punishment was much milder - 14 years and 2 months.
  3. The program of the first Olympic Games of our time, which took place in 1896 in Athens, included a marathon race of 40 km. Unexpectedly for everyone, the victory was won by the Greek postman Spiridon Luis, who had never specially prepared for the competition. Interestingly, after winning the Olympics, he did not participate in any other competitions.
  4. Hollywood star Steve Carell won the prestigious 2006 Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Actor in The Office. On account of his dozens of roles in films that brought Karell worldwide fame. And he began his working career with a rather modest position, he delivered newspapers in the city of Littleton (Colorado).
  5. The most famous postman of our country can be called Igor Ivanovich Pechkin, the hero of the beloved cartoon about Prostokvashino. At the post office in the Moscow region town of Lukhovitsy, there is a monument to Pechkin on a bicycle next to the cat Matroskin and the dog Sharik.
  6. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was possible to send children by mail in the United States, and this service cost 10 times less than a train ticket. The child was “packed” in a special mail bag, stamped on his clothes, and the parcel was delivered to its destination. On the way, the child was looked after by postal couriers.
  7. There was a Pony Express mail service in the United States for just over a year (from 1860 to 1861). The main task of this postal company is the delivery of correspondence from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The horses were changed every 10-15 miles, so the owners of the Pony Express claimed that their couriers would cover 3, 000 kilometers in no more than 10 days. As a result, the company suffered heavy losses. There are several reasons: high cost of delivery, frequent attacks by bandits. And most importantly, a telegraph appeared in the United States, which is why Pony Express lost most of its customers.
  8. The original project was conceived in March 1918 by the Saratov millionaire Verzeulov. He invited four representatives of the African Gajum tribe who lived in Abyssinia to Russia. As the newspaper "Early morning" reported, gadzhums are able to run 300 miles in 16 hours, of which 4 hours are spent on rest. They were supposed to deliver mail from Petrograd to Moscow and back. The contract was signed for 4 years. True, no other information about the African postmen could be found. Perhaps the revolution prevented Verzeulov from realizing his plan.