Interesting facts about stuntmen

"Risk lover, stunt artist" - this is how the word "stuntman" can be translated from French. This is really so: the task of the stuntman is to replace the actor at the moment of performing difficult and dangerous stunts. Moreover, to do it so professionally that the viewer does not notice the substitution. Accordingly, a stuntman should be physically similar to an actor, instead of whom he performs a risky stunt.

Probably, many are interested in the question - are they taught somewhere the skill of a stuntman or are they recruiting physically prepared people for this purpose? There are hundreds of Stunt Schools in the world, where experienced mentors conduct classes with those who have decided to learn this difficult but interesting skill. Moreover, the program of the Schools is very different: in some, the main emphasis is on stage combat, in others - on fencing, falling or extreme driving.

It is generally accepted that the very first film stunt took place more than 100 years ago - on November 12, 1910, back in the days of silent cinema. In New York, some daredevil jumped from a burning hot air balloon to the Hudson.

In the domestic cinema, the first stuntmen appeared in the thirties of the last century. For example, the fight of the musicians in the famous comedy "Funny Guys" was staged, the actors in the frame were replaced by trained athletes. To a large extent, the development of stunt scenes was facilitated by Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin himself, who, having watched American Westerns, asked: "Why can't our directors shoot like that?"

It is generally accepted that a stuntman is a harsh male profession. In principle, this is the case, but this does not mean that the path to stuntmen is closed for women. Varvara Nikitina became the first female stuntwoman in Russia. On account of Varvara, dozens of the most difficult tricks performed in films. Moreover, this brave woman is not a hand-to-hand fighter or a shooting champion. Varvara is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics.

For the filming of the legendary "Titanic" director James Cameron attracted about a hundred stuntmen, who had the most exciting episodes of the film. Their work was paid with dignity - in total, the stuntmen received about $ 3, 000, 000.

The famous Soviet actor Yevgeny Urbansky had a professional stunt double who replaced him when performing dangerous stunts. But, the actor tried to work out many such episodes on his own. One of these tricks ended tragically.

During the filming of the film "The Director" in 1965, Urbansky decided to independently drive a car through the sand dunes. The car turned over, the actor was seriously injured and died on the way to the hospital. Filming was interrupted for several years.

Vic Armstrong from Great Britain is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most active representative of stunt skills. Over the thirty years of his career, Armstrong has dubbed actors in more than 200 films.

Simon Karn on the set of the movie "Cliffhanger" did a fantastic trick, for which he received $ 1, 000, 000: at an altitude of 4, 752 meters he was able to pass from one plane to another. Carne dubbed Sylvester Stallone himself.