Who drew Soviet rubles

The works of this artist, of course, are well remembered by every person who lived in the USSR. True, not everyone knows his name. The thing is that Ivan Ivanovich Dubasov was the author of almost all banknotes of the Soviet Union.

"Drawing" rubles in the USSR was, of course, an honorable, but also a very difficult task: each sketch was accepted by a high commission, which paid attention to every little thing. For example, an infantry soldier was depicted on the 1938 three-ruble banknote. One of the members of the commission suddenly announced that the soldier on the bill was not drawn correctly, he had a belt over a gas mask bag, but it should be the other way around.

The times were harsh, for such an image of a soldier - a slovenliness could be in the camp. Unexpectedly, Dubasov was rescued by experts from the People's Commissariat of Defense, who issued a certificate that the infantryman was dressed according to the Regulations.

But on the five-ruble bill of the same year, the People's Commissariat of Finance recommended portraying a young woman. But when Dubasov presented a sketch on which a young mother with two children was drawn, the commission again “hacked” the project, stating that the drawing showed a single mother who was going to demand alimony. They decided to abandon the idea; in the final version, a brave parachutist flaunts on the banknote.

Ivan Dubasov

Ivan Ivanovich Dubasov also became the author of the 1947 and 1961 banknotes. Moreover, in 1959, when preparations began for the 1961 monetary reform, Dubasov was urgently summoned from vacation and given the task to start creating sketches of future banknotes. The work was carried out in the strictest secrecy, and people from the relevant structures were on duty under the windows of the artist's apartment.

However, Dubasov was the author of not only Soviet banknotes. He also had a chance to work on sketches of banknotes for many socialist countries: Bulgaria, East Germany, China, Mongolia.

In addition to banknotes, Ivan Ivanovich also worked on sketches of state awards and postage stamps. By the way, the Gold Star medal, which was received by the Heroes of the Soviet Union, was also made according to the project of the artist Dubasov. He also took part in the creation of the coat of arms of the USSR.

Ivan Ivanovich Dubasov lived a long life, the artist died on March 15, 1988 at the 91st year of his life. His last work was a sketch of the coat of arms of the town of Odintsovo near Moscow, where the artist was born. Dubasov was also buried in his hometown at the Akulovsky cemetery.

An interesting fact: in 1945 Dubasov was awarded the Order of Lenin, in the development of which he also took part.