What was presented to Stalin for his seventieth birthday

In December 1949, all progressive mankind, as it was then customary to say, celebrated the 70th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. On this occasion, on December 21, a ceremonial meeting was held at the Bolshoi Theater. Until now, no one can say for sure how many gifts were presented to the "leader of the peoples", but as many as 17 halls were allocated in the Museum of the Revolution for their demonstration. And the lists of gifts were printed in the newspaper Pravda until Stalin's death, that is, for more than three years. Here are just a few of the huge number of gifts:

On December 20, 1949, the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet was issued on awarding I. V. Stalin with the Order of Lenin.

In Czechoslovakia, the highest Carpathian peak, the Slovak Shtit, was renamed Stalinsky Shtit. In addition, from the Czechoslovak people, the leader received 3 cars as a gift: Skoda 1101, Minor and Tatraplan. The country also issued two coins in denominations of 100 and 50 kroons, dedicated to the hero of the day.

From the proletariat of France, Stalin was presented with a silver "Dove of Peace" with an engraving: "The French workers will never fight the workers of the USSR."

The "Leader of the Nations" was presented with a "Welcome address from the clergy and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church", enclosed in a chest of Karelian birch. The address is sealed with the signatures of Patriarch Alexy I, 66 ruling and 7 vicar bishops - the entire episcopate of the Russian Orthodox Church, who served within the borders of the USSR

The Bulgarian city of Varna was renamed Stalin, although in October 1956 the city was returned to its former name.

In the aviation workshops of the Polish city of Lodz, workers made an original telephone set: it had the shape of a globe, the tube was made in the form of a hammer, and the lever was a sickle.

A small silver chest and five keys to it were delivered from friendly Mongolia to Moscow. The hint is clear: the five keys symbolized the five continents.

A small but tasteful gift was presented from the Chinese rice growers: a grain of rice with a portrait of Joseph Vissarionovich.

From the inhabitants of Stalingrad, Stalin received a model of the T-54 tractor, and from the miners of the Suchansky basin - an album in the form of a lump of coal with a report on his achievements.

A saber made of the famous Zlatoust steel was delivered from Zlatoust to the anniversary. The saber depicts a panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad.

In his youth, Stalin was fond of poetry and even published several of his poems in Georgian newspapers. A collection of poetry by Joseph Vissarionovich was being prepared for the anniversary, but he personally ordered to stop the work. Why, it remains unknown.

Another interesting fact: November 30 of the same 1949 marked the 75th birthday of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Joseph Vissarionovich sent him 75 bottles of cognac as a gift. Churchill liked the gift so much that he said: "It's a pity that I'm not turning 100!"