Interesting facts about "fish day"

People of the older generation remember well that Thursday was called "fish day" in Soviet canteens. Do you know why?

It turns out that on September 12, 1932, the head of the People's Commissariat of the USSR, AI Mikoyan, signed a decree "On the introduction of a fish day at public catering establishments." One day a week, visitors were offered fish dishes instead of meat ones. Moreover, the specific day was not indicated, catering set it at its discretion.

It is interesting that the "fish day" in the country was introduced not because of concern for the proper nutrition of the working people, but because of the shortage of animal products in the USSR. Affected by the consequences of collectivization and, as a result, a reduction in the livestock population. Collectivization did not affect fish, and, according to the plan of the authorities, it was supposed to make up for the lack of protein in the diet of Soviet citizens. A few years later, the initiative of the People's Commissar Mikoyan was forgotten, and the "fish day" was no longer obligatory.

We returned to this idea during the time of stagnation. On October 26, 1976, a second decree on the "fish day" was issued. This time the official reason was the increase in fish production. A specific day was also named - Thursday. Psychologists, sociologists and statisticians allegedly worked on this issue. Despite this, there is an opinion that the fish day was introduced on Thursday in spite of the Orthodox believers, whose fast fell on Wednesday and Friday.

It's hard to say what the pundits were guided by, but they assured the government that Thursday is the best day for fish gourmets. And again, pollock and hake dishes became the main assortment of Soviet catering establishments that day.

This time, the "fish days" lasted until the collapse of the USSR. But despite this, as a tribute to tradition, some catering establishments still offer a wider selection of fish dishes on Thursdays.