Interesting facts about the treasures of Stepan Razin

Around the name of Ataman Stepan Razin, there have always been many rumors and legends. And the legends about his countless treasures, buried somewhere in secluded places, have haunted treasure hunters for more than one hundred years. It is difficult to understand what is true in these legends and what is fiction, but many fortune hunters have devoted almost their entire lives to searching for the treasures of the legendary chieftain.

Talk about the mysterious treasures of Stenka Razin appeared during his lifetime, and after the execution of the leader of the peasant uprising, they were supplemented with more and more rumors. The first search engine was formed in 1671, shortly after Stepan Razin was executed.

The Zhigulevsky mountains were chosen as the place of search, and the brother of the ataman, Frol, was taken as a guide. At the time of Stepan's execution, he let slip that he knows the places where the treasures are buried. Thus, he was able to avoid execution, however, only for a few years. Until 1676, Frol led the tsarist expedition to the places where the treasures could be found, but to no avail.

When the tsar's patience ran out, Frol Razin was executed, like his brother, in Moscow on Bolotnaya Square. There were rumors that Frol deliberately led the servants of the sovereign to the wrong path, and Stepan's associates were able to hide the treasures in more reliable places at that time.

According to conversations, a detailed map of the treasures was kept by Stepan Razin's mistress named Alena. But, she disposed of this card unwisely - she handed it over to Stepan's former associate, Baron August von Rode. And he handed over to Alena to the authorities, leaving the card with him. True, there is no information that this same traitor baron was able to find the jewelry.

For example, it is known that the descendants of the baron were also engaged in the search for treasures. His daughter, together with her husband, tried to no avail to find the treasure. This is how the legend appeared that not everyone could get to Razin's treasures. Even to someone who knows the place where they are buried. These treasures were supposedly charmed. For example, the baron's daughter and her husband found some underground galleries, but as soon as they tried to penetrate there, the vaults suddenly

collapsed, and the unlucky treasure hunters were arrested.

The great-grandson of von Rode, Pyotr Metlyaev, continued to search. Moreover, he also had old schemes at his disposal. On the steep Volga bank, he discovered an underground passage, but did not have time to complete the matter - he died during excavations.

But the information is from the twentieth century. During the Battle of Stalingrad, part of the banks of the Volga River crumbled. Several ancient cast-iron cannons appeared on the surface, from which gold coins fell. But this time too, no one got the treasure: a few minutes later, the bombing began, and the jewelry was swept away by the explosions.

So where are these treasures of Ataman Stepan Razin buried? The geography of the search is extensive - from Astrakhan to the Zhigulevsky mountains. Here are just no reliable information about any finds. Either the conspiracy is too strong, or all these legends about them are nothing more than fictions. But, a huge number of treasure hunters are sure that they will someday be lucky.