How much are things from the sinking liner "Titanic"

The news of the wreck of the ocean liner "Titanic", which occurred on the night of April 14-15, 1912, spread all over the world. The tragedy was reported by thousands of newspapers in various countries. In 1997, the movie "Titanic" was released, which became one of the highest grossing in the history of world cinema. And any thing found on board the sunken "Titanic" or preserved by those who are lucky to survive, causes an unprecedented excitement at auctions. Many expeditions have been made to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where the wreckage of the liner rests, and the total cost of objects raised to the surface is hundreds of millions of dollars.

The exact location of the Titanic lying at the bottom was established in September 1985 by a US-French expedition led by the famous underwater treasure hunter Robert Ballard. Since then, more than 5, 000 items have been brought to the surface from the legendary vessel, many of which were later auctioned. Of course, it is impossible to name all the finds, below is a list of only a few of them.

Steward First Class Edmund Stone's watch was auctioned for $ 154, 000. Their uniqueness is that the time remains on the dial for ever 2 hours and 16 minutes. It was at this moment that they went to the bottom, together with their owner.

Wallace Hartley was a member of the Titanic Orchestra. According to the recollections of surviving eyewitnesses, the musicians played until the last minute, trying to raise the spirits of passengers and crew. Wallace Hartley treasured his violin very much - it was presented by the bride two years before the tragedy. No wonder the musician, dying, tied the violin to himself. Its cost at one of the auctions in London was 900, 000 pounds.

Two bronze plaques, put up for sale in 2006 in New York, aroused great interest among auction visitors. One of them has the inscription “S.S. Titanic ", on the other -" Liverpool ". Their price was 72, 000 and 60, 000 dollars.

Entrepreneur George Tullock, who invested more than $ 20 million in the organization of underwater expeditions to the Titanic, more than recouped all his expenses. He managed to make money even on the coal that was lifted from the liner. The tiny pieces were packed in boxes and sold for $ 25 each.

In 2009, the British auction house "Henry Aldridge & Son" put up for sale several items belonging to Millvina Dean, the last surviving passenger on the Titanic. At that time, Ms. Dean was already 97 years old, and in 1912 she was the youngest of those who were on board.

The girl was only two and a half months old. To the surprise of the organizers, the lots did not generate much interest. An elderly woman decided to sell these things in order to pay for her stay in a nursing home.

True, one of the participants in the auction made a noble gesture: he bought a canvas bag in which the girl was in a lifeboat for £ 1, 500 and returned it back to Millvina Dean as a gift.

However, some things from the Titanic were not bought, but stolen. For example, in 2001 in the American hotel "Opryland Hotel" (Nashville, Tennessee), an exhibition of items from the "Titanic" was held. The intruders stole 9 bills and 10 coins.