Interesting facts about MMM

In the nineties, the abbreviation MMM was known to every inhabitant of our country. But practically no one knew how it stands? Now the founder of the famous financial pyramid claims that the three letters "M" mean "We Can Much". But, initially, these letters testified that MMM was created by three people: brothers Sergey and Vyacheslav Mavrodi and Olga Melnikova.

The advertising face of the MMM company was a certain Lenya Golubkov, who, thanks to MMM shares, turned from an ordinary excavator operator into a wealthy person. The role of this character was played by actor Vladimir Permyakov. And Leni's phrase: “I'm not a freeloader! I am a partner! ”All the Russians repeated. In 1994, Lenya Golubkov was named “Person of the Year” in Russia. Even President Boris Yeltsin was inferior to him in popularity.

Lenya Golubkov

The actor himself recalled that he received 200-250 dollars per shooting day, that is, he did not become a millionaire, like Lenya. And the role of Leni got him by accident. A completely different actor was planned, but at the right time he was not at home.

Sergei Mavrodi even became a deputy of the State Duma in 1994, and in 1996 put forward his candidacy for the post of President of Russia. But, the Central Election Commission refused to register him, admitting that a significant part of the signatures in support of Mavrodi is fake.

Sergey Mavrodi

In February 1994, MMM shares went on free sale. But in August of that year, the pyramid scheme collapsed. During this time, the value of MMM shares has grown more than 120 times, and those who managed to hand them over on time earned good money. But, according to various estimates, from 10 to 15 million people were left with nothing. Several dozen people committed suicide.

In January 2003, Sergei Mavrodi was arrested. The investigation continued until April 2007, when, by a court decision, the founder of the MMM pyramid was sentenced to four years and six months in prison. But, by that time, Mavrodi had already served his sentence almost completely, being in a pre-trial detention center. In May 2007, he was released. On this day, dozens of journalists gathered at Matrosskaya Tishina.

In 2014, VTsIOM conducted a poll in order to find out: how, 20 years later, do the residents of Russia relate to Sergei Mavrodi? Almost three-quarters of Russians said they consider Mavrodi a fraud. But there were also supporters, 16 percent of those surveyed called the founder of the infamous pyramid a financial genius.

And Sergei Panteleevich himself in 2011 announced the creation of a new project - "MMM - 2011". He openly warns his depositors that this is a financial pyramid and that you can lose money at any time.

In April 2011, Eldar Salavatov's picture "PiraMMMida" was released. The film is based on the story "Pyramid" by Sergei Mavrodi. True, Mavrodi himself said that he did not like the film. In Mavrodi's opinion, there is “too much fabulousness” in it.