Who ate the world's most expensive pizza

The young programmer Laszlo Hanesh from the American state of Florida could not even imagine that he would go down in history as the man who ate the most expensive pizza in the world. Moreover, the composition of the pizza did not include any of the rarest delicacies. Everything is as usual: onions, mushrooms, tomatoes.

The guy was just hungry, and he didn't want to leave the house for groceries. So Laszlo decided to send a message to the Internet in which he offered 10, 000 bitcoins to anyone who would order 2 pizzas for him. It was May 17, 2010, Bitcoin was a new and very cheap cryptocurrency at the time. At that time, 10, 000 bitcoins were worth no more than $ 40-50.

It is not surprising that there were not many who wanted to make such an exchange. The answer had to wait for five whole days, probably during all this time Khanesh had already had lunch more than once, and had little faith in the success of such an enterprise. Only on May 22, a certain Jeremy Sturdivant responded to an unusual offer and agreed, in exchange for bitcoins, to order two pizzas for Laszlo Hanesh. And in gratitude for his generosity, he received the bitcoins that few people needed at that time.

The programmer did not think about the fact that 10, 000 bitcoins will soon be worth millions of dollars. It was enough for him that he became the first person in the world who was able to exchange bitcoins for quite tangible goods. Now each of the pizzas eaten by Laszlo Hanesh would cost so much that you can buy more than one pizzeria.

Laszlo himself assures that he does not regret the bitcoins spent. But the bitcoin community annually celebrates Pizza Day on May 22, or, as it is also called, the Day of the Most Expensive Pizza.

No less interesting is the story of the Norwegian student Christoffer Koch. In 2009, he wrote a scientific paper on cryptocurrencies and decided to purchase bitcoins for a small amount - about $ 27. After finishing his work, Koch happily forgot about his investments in bitcoins. And I did not think about them for four whole years. Only in 2013, when he heard that bitcoins are rapidly growing in price, Kristoffer remembered his contribution to the cryptocurrency and decided to check - how much will his bitcoins cost? It turned out that over the years the amount increased significantly and amounted to $ 885, 000.

Kristoffer decided to cash out only a fifth of his wealth, but that was enough to buy an apartment. And his girlfriend, who often reproached Koch for wasting money pointlessly, promised never to interfere in his financial affairs again.