How to make a million dollars by sending emails

How to make a million dollars from regular mailing? It is not at all difficult to do this if you live in Alaska, and even in a city called North Pole, which means "North Pole" in Russian.

An unusual idea came to the head of a resident of this city Byron Reese in 2001. What do all children dream about on the eve of New Year and Christmas? Naturally, get a congratulatory letter from Santa Claus. And if the envelope bears the stamp "North Pole", then who can doubt the authenticity of such a message? So the enterprising American decided to make money on faith in a fairy tale.

Byron Reese advertised on the Internet. Parents wishing to please their children should only send an application to the specified email address and pay $ 9.95. Almost for nothing! And "Santa Claus" was already sending a colorful letter of congratulations by regular mail.

Unsurprisingly, by the end of 2001, Reese had received about 10, 000 applications. And transfers totaling $ 100, 000. Moreover, in just a few days. True, Riz and his assistants had to work hard so that not a single request was left unanswered. But the result was worth it: several days of hard work and a decent amount in your pocket.

The next year, Reese decided to take this business seriously, hiring a staff at the peak of work, and typing the text of the letters in advance.

Every year the number of applications for congratulations from Santa Claus is increasing exponentially. Their account is already in the hundreds of thousands, and Byron Reese himself has long been a millionaire, despite the fact that he works, albeit "in a Stakhanov way", only one month a year. Friends and relatives say that on the eve of the holidays it is impossible for Rizu to even get through, and on his website on the Internet the announcement “I'm busy. I help the elves load gifts. "

Byron Reese's example refutes the widespread misconception that big money can only be made in a metropolis. In that case, a few words about the town where Reese lives. The population of North Pole is only 2, 000 people, rather it is not even a city, but a large village. In general, a complete backwater. But this does not prevent the purposeful American from successfully developing his business. Over time, Byron Reese hopes to send congratulations from Santa Claus around the world.