12 kilograms of gold for a birthday

Nikolai Vasilenko, a machine operator from the village of Velikoknyazevka, Amur Region, received an unusual gift on his birthday. However, the tractor driver himself did not even imagine that he would become the owner of 12 kilograms of gold.

Everything on this day began as usual: on June 22, 1987, early in the morning, Nikolai Vasilenko drove out on his tractor to cultivate the soybean field. Suddenly, the cultivator's knife hit a heavy metal object. Vasilenko got out of the cockpit and saw that some oblong piece of metal was sticking out of the ground.

Nikolai did not even suspect that fate gave him as much as 30 pounds of gold for his birthday - and this is more than 12 kg. He simply threw an ingot, smeared with earth, into the cockpit and calmly finished the day. Only in the evening at home did he decide to wash the “gift”. On the block there was an inscription made in a factory way: "Bl 1918, 30 f, 37, 39 OD, 30 l, 859, No. 1101". Thirty pounds of 859 precious metal!

The next morning Vasilenko went with his find to the appropriate authorities. The examination confirmed that the found ingot is indeed gold. The found treasure was estimated at 588 thousand Soviet rubles - a huge amount at that time. Well, according to the laws of the country, the person who found the treasure received 25 percent of its value. Thus, the birthday man became the owner of 147 thousand rubles. Translated into the cost of "Zhiguli" - about 20 cars.

At one point, an ordinary collective farmer from the Amur Region became the owner of a fortune. The popularity of Nikolai Vasilenko was at the level of a pop or movie star. They made a documentary about him, offered to become a sponsor of a rock group, promising good dividends and the possibility of foreign tours.

But the collective farmer disposed of the money easier: he allocated 3 thousand rubles to the pioneer camp, gave half of the amount to his children, and he had five of them. True, a significant amount, about 50, 000 rubles, was in Nikolai Vasilenko's savings book. It took a little time and the money "burned out" during the infamous reforms of the early nineties. Alas, for a short time a machine operator from the Amur Region was the richest collective farmer in the Soviet Union.

The gold found in the field of the village of Velikoknyazevka did not go unnoticed by the Guinness Book of Records. This publication included the find in the "Largest Treasures" section. Indeed, not everyone manages to find 12 kg. gold.