How a beggar left a million dollar inheritance

"Kurt - Tin Can". It was under this nickname that Kurt Degerman was known in Skelleftea, a small Swedish town. The life of this beggar was no different from the fate of his colleagues. His main diet was food leftovers found in landfills; Degerman also did not spend on clothes, looking for them in trash containers.

Relatives have long given up on Degerman, and had little interest in his existence. They remembered about him only after the death of Kurt. And he died in 2008 at the age of sixty, after thirty years of wandering through the dumps. That's when the most interesting thing happened. It turned out that the beggar made a will during his lifetime. He left all his property to his cousin, the only person who periodically visited and helped the "beggar".

However, what can a homeless person leave behind? Torn clothes and a tiny amount of money earned from collecting beer cans? Not! Everything turned out to be much more interesting. The money that Degerman received for recyclable materials, he invested in gold and securities. In addition, he had a solid bank account, and not in a pub.

The will shocked everyone who knew Kurt Degerman. The "beggar" had shares and other securities worth 8 million Swedish kronor, which is more than a million dollars. The safe deposit box contained 124 gold bars, the total value of which was $ 300, 000. Degerman kept another 6, 500 dollars in a bank account in his hometown.

How could a beggar raise such a sum? Here relatives began to praise the deceased together. According to them, Kurt had a real talent as a financier. He regularly visited the local library (so as not to spend money on newspapers) and read the economic news. Therefore, I was well versed in investments.

By the way, the relatives began not only to praise Degerman, but also to actively prove their right to a part of the tempting inheritance. For example, the uncle of the deceased said that his nephew was a little "out of his mind", which means that he could not make a will, being in his right mind and sober memory. The relatives could not independently divide the inheritance that had suddenly fallen on them and went to court.

The trial lasted 4 months, its results were not announced, it was only reported that the parties were satisfied. Relatives, after such a decision, very willingly shared their memories of Kurt. According to them, he studied well at school, and could have a brilliant career. But later, Kurt Degerman could not find himself in society, and chose to move down the social ladder.