Interesting facts about advertising

Advertising existed in ancient Rome, and although the authorities fought against it with all their might, the city walls were full of advertisements for the sale of slaves, livestock, gladiatorial battles and other advertising notices. In addition, advertising for legal services was widespread in ancient Greece.

Nowadays, a rare film does without hidden advertising, which generates a good income. However, Quentin Tarantino categorically rejects this kind of advertising, and in his films the heroes smoke exclusively cigarettes of the fictional "Red Apple" brand, invented by the director himself.

Originally, the HOLLYWOODLAND slope inscription, created in 1923, was an advertisement for the new neighborhoods of Los Angeles, and it was planned to be dismantled in a year and a half. Subsequently, they decided to make it a symbol of the dream factory, removing the last four letters.

In 2003, a large-scale advertising campaign was launched in Prague, timed to coincide with the opening of the Czech Dream supermarket with very low prices. After the grand opening with ribbon cutting, 3, 000 people gathered in front of the entrance rushed inside, but found that the supermarket was just a huge canvas standing in the middle of a field. This action was organized by two student directors who made a film about it.

The marketing ploy that significantly increased the sales of Alkazeltzer tablets was that the advertisement showed two tablets instead of one. The same technique is used by manufacturers of chewing gum and other products.

For the distribution of potatoes in France at the end of the 18th century, the agronomist Antoine Parmentier took the following trick. During the day, he posted armed guards around a field planted with potatoes, and at night the guards left, allowing curious neighbors to steal the "precious" plant.