The most successful know-how in business

Forbes magazine has compiled a list of the most profitable and promising small business segments. This rating is based on data obtained from three hundred thousand individual entrepreneurs and firms, each business segment was represented by at least one hundred companies, the data was collected from 2003 to 2011.

The list is headed by private auditors, whose net profit is 16.5%. Audit services are in great demand, so the global financial crisis did not affect the income of these specialists in any way. Moreover, clients usually work with the same auditor, so advertising and promotion costs are not required. In second place are chiropractors with an income of 15.3%. These specialists mostly work from the client's home, so they have practically no costs. The third place is occupied by specialized clinics, the profit of which is 15%. Prices for services in such establishments more than cover all costs. In fourth place are firms providing accounting services with a net profit of 14.9%. The fifth place is rightfully taken by private dentists with an income of 14.7%. The top ten most profitable business segments also include tax calculators, orthodontists, law firms, the most popular small-scale lending firms, and private managers.

The ten most profitable business ideas in the world are led by Michelle Ferrero and family. Like everyone else, they started with the registration of a legal entity, and now they are one of the largest chocolate producers in Europe. Ferrero made chocolate a part of nearly every morning breakfast, offering chocolate butter for toast and sandwiches. With his idea, Michel Ferrero was able to earn ten billion dollars. The second place is taken by the American Brad Hughes, who offered to put automatic lockers along the freeways. This idea has earned him over $ 5 billion. In third place is Ralph Lauren, who produced a polo shirt with a horse tag and earned $ 5 billion from it. Jeff Bizos, who received over $ 4 billion from his idea, is ranked fourth on the list of the most profitable ideas. He is the founder of the world's largest virtual store Ty Warner, who produces teddy bears, closes the top five lucrative ideas. He was able to earn four and a half billion dollars from this. Among the top ten lucrative ideas were also the producers of the energy drink Red Bull, the company for the production of "breathing" shoes Geox shoes, James Dyson, who invented a vacuum cleaner that sucks dust at supersonic speed, Hans and Paul Reigeli produce sweet chewing candies of various shapes, as well as the coffee king. the owner of the Starbucks coffee chain is Howard Schultz, who has placed coffee shops in every block of America.