The most expensive store in the world

The most expensive store in the world was opened by the (now deceased) American billionaire of Iraqi origin Pakzad Bijan and is named after the owner - BIJAN.

The prices in this exclusive boutique are truly sky-high, for example, a men's suit here costs up to $ 50, 000 and a pair of socks costs up to $ 50. But the prices in Bijan do not scare away visitors, on the contrary, there is no end to those who wish. And the names of the most famous and frequent buyers are engraved on the glass façade. It is considered very prestigious to be included in this list.

Among the people who appreciate the Bijan brand are three American presidents - Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. In addition, Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin, actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise, and even business colleagues bought clothes and perfume from him.

Despite the fact that you can get to the store only by appointment, even if you are the president, about 40 thousand representatives of the world elite have already visited it.