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  1. In English, paintball means “paint ball”. Players are armed with special markers - pneumatic weapons that are loaded with balls filled with paint. The goal is to hit the opponent: when hitting any obstacle, the ball bursts, staining the place of hit.
  2. One of the earliest versions of paintball dates back to the 19th century. Back in 1878, French army officer Marc Abel Duroy, together with the inventor Gustave Reclus, developed special pneumatic guns that were loaded with latex balls with a dye. They were used to train military personnel. The equipment was quite expensive, therefore, it did not receive widespread use. After a few years, they simply forgot about him.
  3. In the thirties of the twentieth century, a batch of "paint guns" was made in Germany. Production was established at a plant in the city of Grostimig. Paint guns were used as training weapons for Wehrmacht soldiers.
  4. This weapon was later adopted by US Forest Service workers and farmers. With the help of such paint guns, it was convenient to mark trees and animals. But, in 1981, three friends from New York, having seen enough action movies, bought "guns" to play the heroes of such films. Within a few years, paintball became popular all over the world.
  5. The speed at which the ball is ejected from the barrel reaches 90 meters per second. Therefore, participants in battles must wear a mask that is made specifically for paintball. By the way, employees of insurance companies claim that paintball is much less traumatic than, for example, football and tennis.
  6. No other masks should be used as this may damage the eyes. Ophthalmologists argue that neglect of such remedies can lead to dire consequences. After a direct hit, it is possible to fully restore vision only in a third of the victims.
  7. Paintball balls can be painted in any color other than red to avoid being associated with blood. They become brittle in the cold, and in the heat, on the contrary, sticky. It is not recommended to store them for more than one year, so that the filler does not dry out.
  8. Until 1984, balls were filled with oil paint, which created many problems, it was almost impossible to wash it from clothes. Now the problem has been solved - modern paintball paint can be easily washed off with water.
  9. There is information that as early as 1882 several sets of equipment were brought to Russia and used during military exercises. A few years later, the guns fell into disrepair, and new ones were no longer purchased abroad.
  10. The first paintball clubs in modern Russia began to appear only in the nineties. And in 1996 in our country it was recognized as an official sport.
  11. Paintball isn't just fun. There are real professionals here as well. For example, Oliver Lang from Los Angeles became, thanks to paintball, a wealthy man. He makes over $ 100, 000 a year.