Interesting facts about Osama bin Laden

Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia in 1957 and is one of more than 50 children of billionaire Mohammed bin Laden.

Osama first married at the age of 17 and currently has 23 children with at least five wives.

Bin Laden's guards did not return the children's balls that accidentally flew into the courtyard of his residence, but paid compensation exceeding the cost of the ball by 2-3 times.

It seems that the person who condemned Western values ​​openly preferred drinks from the best European brands, especially Nestlé and Cola.

Bin Laden participated in the war against Soviet troops in Afghanistan, moreover, he actively collaborated with the CIA and trained the Taliban with US funds.

He created the terrorist organization Alqaida under the guise of charity.

Information about the elimination of Bin Laden was reported in the media at least 10 times, and during the last operation, the Americans did not show Osama's body, citing the fact that they threw him into the sea.

Benladan's son is suing the American authorities for the murder of his father.

Brasov Brewery (Romania) produced beer under the Ben Laden brand with its image on the label.

The United States declared Osama Benladan the # 1 enemy and was awarded a $ 50 million bounty on his head.