Interesting facts about samurai weapons

The first samurai swords had a straight edge and were known as the chokuto. At the end of the eighth century, the blade was made curved, and the sword became known as tachi. Interestingly that the reason for this transformation was that the curved sword could be unscathed faster and had a more effective angle of attack. The blade of a samurai sword is called a kisaki. To a large extent, its quality determined the cost of the weapon. Interesting fact, after forging, the sword was tested for strength and cutting. They usually trained on criminals.

Samurai used wooden swords, bokken, during training sparring and training.

Each samurai gave his sword a name, because they believed that the spirit of a warrior lived in the sword.

There are four main types of samurai swords.

1. Katana - a sword more than 60 centimeters long, usually used for fighting.

2. Wakizashi - One-third less than a katana, was used for combat in confined spaces.

3. Tanto - A small knife used in much the same way as wakizashi.

4. Kusungobu is a straight slender dagger designed for hara-kiri.

Interesting fact, the most powerful samurai had a license to kill. They could hack to death anyone without trial and investigation simply for a sidelong glance or lack of respect.

The first samurai fought on horseback, in addition to a sword, their equipment included a bow and a spear.