Interesting facts about spring

Interesting facts "Climate" Interesting facts about spring

  1. Scientists from the UK have established this fact: in the spring, children grow much faster than at any other time of the year. They explained this pattern by the fact that the amount of sunlight increases and the child's body begins to more actively absorb vitamin D.
  2. But, according to scientists at Columbia University, people born in the spring are more likely than others to suffer from heart disease. On the other hand, they have all the makings of a leader - most often they are class leaders at school or captains of sports teams.
  3. The beginning of the astronomical spring in the Northern Hemisphere is considered to be the vernal equinox. This happens on March 20, and in a leap year, the equinox may occur on March 21. But in the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite is true: there spring comes when we have the first autumn frosts - on September 22 or 23.
  4. Spring was welcomed in Russia on 22 March. On this day, the Christian holiday of 40 martyrs was celebrated, cakes in the form of birds - "larks" were baked from the dough. .If this day was warm, then spring promised to be early. And in the case of cold weather, you had to wait forty cold matinees before the arrival of real heat. The Slavs believed that the main sign of the arrival of stable heat is the time when the cuckoo began to crow, and this is already the middle of April.
  5. In the spring, a person's respiratory rate increases significantly: during the long winter months, the body experienced oxygen starvation, and with the onset of warmth, it restores balance.
  6. For the Japanese, spring is, of course, cherry blossom - sakura. Millions of trees across the country are covered with delicate pink flowers. At this time, the Japanese try to be in nature as much as possible. It begins with "hanami" - a holiday of admiring the blossoming sakura. Moreover, in Japan, whole catalogs are published, indicating the best places for these events.
  7. The first spring bird in central Russia is called the rook, which returns from the south at the beginning of March. It is believed that within a month after his arrival, the snow will completely melt. Larks and starlings follow the rooks.
  8. The great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin has repeatedly admitted that he considers spring the worst season of the year. He even wrote poetry about this:
  9. Now is my time: I do not like spring;

    The thaw is bored to me - the stench, the mud in the spring I am sick;

    Blood ferments, feelings, mind are constrained by anguish.

    I am more satisfied with the harsh winter.

  10. One of the symbols of spring in Russia can be considered birch sap, which is extracted from the onset of the first warm days until the time when the first leaves appear on the tree. Our ancestors said that "birch tears" are the source of heroic strength. In part, this is true - birch sap contains many useful substances.
  11. In the Swiss city of Geneva, spring comes only after an official decree is issued. A chestnut grows in the center of the city, as soon as the first leaf appears on it - spring has come. This tradition has existed since 1818. By the way, the earliest arrival of spring in Geneva was recorded on January 3. It happened in 1991.