Interesting facts about rain

Everyone knows perfectly well what rain is, but most of people do not even realize how many unusual and interesting facts associated with it exist. For example, in Thailand it rains only at night, but in Cuba only during siesta. In the state of Ohio there is a town of Weinsburg, in which it has been raining on July 29 for a hundred years. Amazing, isn't it? In Portugal, it is considered a good reason not to go to work if it rains, and Uganda has 250 thunderstorm days a year.

In Botswana, the local money is called "rain", and the word "pula" - rain is welcomed to residents. But even in the rain, you don't need to get wet. Do you know where? In the desert, as the raindrops there simply do not reach the ground, evaporating in flight.

But it happens that instead of rain, hail also falls. For example, in 1986 in the city of Gopalganzh, a hailstorm caused the death of 92 people, and the weight of the hailstones reached one kilogram or more.

Each year, approximately 519, 000 cubic kilometers of water is poured onto the Earth in the form of rain, and 26460 mm of rain falls from the rainiest city in the world - Charapunji.

Even the game of darts came from the rain.

In 17th century England, a forecaster was sentenced to death for mistaken predictions.

Today, rain can be induced artificially by dropping various reagents such as dry ice particles onto clouds.

The reason for the appearance of the weather forecast on the radio was also rain. One radio station owner was caught in a downpour and then created a special weather program that aired several times a day.

If the phrase of our Hydrometeorological Center sounds like "short-term rain", it means that it will not rain for more than three hours. If they say that "rains are expected, " it means that it will rain for at least half a day.