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  1. Scientists have found that unemployment has an extremely negative effect on human health: self-esteem decreases sharply, the body begins to age faster, and the threat of heart attacks and strokes increases significantly.
  2. In the twenties and thirties of the last century, a terrible crisis broke out in the United States, called the Great Depression. Every fourth resident of the country was unemployed. President of the United States in 1929-1933. was Herbert Hoover. Such expressions as "Hoover's soup" (free food for the poor), "Hoover's blanket" (newspaper) appeared among the people. And on the streets appeared "Hoover's carts" - broken cars, which were harnessed to horses.
  3. Having no funds to pay for travel, many preferred to use the roofs of carriages for travel. Such trips did not always end well - there are reports that more than 50, 000 Americans were killed or injured.
  4. The African state of Zimbabwe is the world leader in unemployment. Roughly 90 percent of the population of this country is unemployed. The situation is almost the same in Liberia.
  5. On March 13, 1930, the last labor exchange in the Soviet Union was closed. It was officially announced that the USSR became the first state in the world to completely end unemployment. In his speech, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin said that the elimination of unemployment was one of the main tasks of the first five-year plan. The last job was given to a Moscow locksmith Mikhail Shkunov, after which the exchange ceased its activities.
  6. The 1936 Constitution stated that labor in a socialist state is the "duty and matter of honor" of every able-bodied citizen. Measures were strengthened to combat parasites. Moreover, parasitism, according to Article 209 of the RSFSR Criminal Code of 1960, was recognized as evasion from socially useful work for more than four months in a row.

    In 1964, the poet Joseph Brodsky was convicted under this article. He was sent into exile for five years. The place of serving the sentence was the village of Norinskaya in the Arkhangelsk region.

  7. The English economist William Beveridge once compared unemployment to a headache. According to the scientist, it is just as “exhausting and unpleasant”. Beveridge argued that no state in the world can be called prosperous until the time when the problem of full employment of the population is solved.
  8. California is called the Golden State. It was here that the famous "Gold Rush" began in 1848, when nuggets of this precious metal were discovered on the American River. But, not everything is so rosy - the unemployment rate in California is significantly higher than the US average. Only in recent years has the situation begun to gradually improve.
  9. Switzerland held a referendum in 2016 on the issue of paying each resident of the country 2, 500 francs, regardless of whether the person is employed or not. Surprisingly, the majority of Swiss voted against, saying that receiving such an allowance would make people refuse to work. However, opponents argue that a person is a social being for whom work is a conscious need.