99 names of Allah

Asma al-Husna or the most beautiful names is the term used in relation to the names of Allah. Indeed, in the Muslim tradition, it is believed that Allah has many names, or rather 99.

And Muhammad said:

Indeed, Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred minus one. Everyone who remembers them will go to heaven.

Names of Allah

  1. Allah (God)
  2. Al-Ahad (The One)
  3. Al-Alya (The Most High)
  4. Al-Akram (Most Bountiful)
  5. Al-Ilah (Deity)
  6. Al-Awwal (First)
  7. Al-Ahir (The Last)
  8. Az-Zahir (Explicit)
  9. Al-Batin (Nearest)
  10. Al-Bari (The Creator)
  11. Al-Barr (The Virtuous)
  12. Al-Basir (Seer)
  13. At-Tawwab (Receiving Repentance)
  14. Al-Jabbar (The Mighty)
  15. Al-Hafiz (The All-Remembering)
  16. Al-Hasib (Reporting Required)
  17. Al-Hafiz (Guardian)
  18. Al-Hafi (Gentle, Indulgent)
  19. Al-Haqq (The True)
  20. Al-Mubin (The Explainer)
  21. Al-Hakim (The Wise)
  22. Al-Halim (The Aged)
  23. Al-Hamid (The Glorious)
  24. Al-Hayy (Alive)
  25. Al-Qayyum (Eternal Ruler)
  26. Al-Habir (Omniscient)
  27. Al-Khalik (Creator)
  28. Al-Khallak (Creator)
  29. Ar-Rauf (Compassionate)
  30. Ar-Rahman (The Merciful)
  31. Ar-Rahim (The Merciful)
  32. Ar-Razzak (The Founder)
  33. Ar-Raqib (The Observer)
  34. As-Salam (the Blameless)
  35. As-Sami (Hearing)
  36. Ash-Shakir (The Appreciate)
  37. Ash-Shakur (The Grateful)
  38. Ash-Shahid (Witness)
  39. As-Samad (Perfect and needless)
  40. Al-'lim (The Knower)
  41. Al-Aziz (Mighty, Great)
  42. Al-Azim (The Great)
  43. Al-Afuvw (Indulgent)
  44. Al-Alim (All-Knowing)
  45. Al-Ali (The Exalted)
  46. Al-Ghaffar (The Forgiving One)
  47. Al-Ghafoor (The Forgiving)
  48. Al-Ghani (The Rich)
  49. Al-Fattah (The Bestower of Benefits)
  50. Al-Qadir (The Strong)
  51. Al-Qahir (Overwhelming)
  52. Al-Quddus (Saint)
  53. Al-Qadir (the Sovereign)
  54. Al-Karib (The Close)
  55. Al-Qawi (the Almighty)
  56. Al-Kahhar (Almighty)
  57. Al-Kabir (Great)
  58. Al-Karim (The Magnanimous)
  59. Al-Latyf (Kind, Insightful)
  60. Al-Mumin (The Protector)
  61. Al-Mutaali (The Exalted)
  62. Al-Mutakabbir (The Proud)
  63. Al-Mateen (The Strong)
  64. Al-Mujib (Hearer)
  65. Al-Majid (The Glorious)
  66. Al-Muhit (The All-Encompassing)
  67. Al-Musawwir (Giver of the Form)
  68. Al-Muqtadir (Almighty)
  69. Al-Mukit (The Provider)
  70. Al-Malik (King)
  71. Al-Malik (Overlord)
  72. Al-Maula (Master)
  73. Al-Muheimin (Overseer)
  74. An-Nasir (The Helper)
  75. Al-Wahid (The One)
  76. Al-Waris (Inherited)
  77. Al-Wasi (The All-Encompassing)
  78. Al-Wadud (Lover, Beloved)
  79. Al-Wakil (Guardian and Guardian)
  80. Al-Wali (Patron)
  81. Al-Wahhab (The Giver)
  82. Al-Jameel (The Beautiful)
  83. Al-Jawwad (The Generous)
  84. Al-Hakam (Just Judge)
  85. Al-Haiyi (Bashful)
  86. Ar-Rabb (Lord)
  87. Ar-Rafik (Gentle, Kind)
  88. As-Subbuh (The Flawless)
  89. As-Sayyid (Master)
  90. Ash-Shafi (Grant of Healing)
  91. At-Teyib (Good)
  92. Al-Qabid (The Retainer)
  93. Al-Basit (Stretching)
  94. Al-Muqaddim (Hastener)
  95. Al-Muahhir (Shelter)
  96. Al-Muhsin (The Virtuous)
  97. Al-Muta (The Giver)
  98. Al-Mannan (The Gracious, the Generous)
  99. Al Wahid (The One)

All 99 names can be conditionally divided into two or three groups according to their characteristics.

First, they distinguish between the names of the essence of God (adh-dhāt) and the names of His qualities (aṣ-ṣifāt), and secondly, they distinguish the origin of the name: traditional names and names that follow directly from the Koran or indirectly from it.

Prayers that recite the 99 names of Allah are called wazifa. The number of repetitions in them can reach tens of thousands. Wazifah is performed both individually and collectively.

Subha (beads) are sometimes used to facilitate counting during silent prayer to God. They consist of 99 or 33 beads, each of which corresponds to one of the 99 names of Allah.

In fact, the Qur'an contains some of the names of Allah that are usually not included in the traditional list of 99 names. Together with them, the total number of names increases to 124.