How New Year is celebrated in different countries

In Italy, on the last day of the outgoing year, old, unnecessary things are flying out of the windows. There is a sign: the more unnecessary you throw away in the old year, the more wealth there will be in the new.

The main New Year and Christmas character in Finland - Joulupukki - Finnish Santa Claus. The Finns claim that in his bag he carries not only gifts, but also rods, with which he punishes naughty children.

In Estonia, Austria and Scotland, a chimney sweep figurine is considered an excellent gift. And all because meeting a chimney sweep on the street is considered a good omen here. Therefore, a clay figurine of a representative of such a rare profession today should bring happiness to the house in the new year.

In addition, the Scots come to visit on New Years with a slice of cake, a glass of wine and coal. This, they believe, will bring the owners food, drink and warmth for the whole year.

In Iceland, children behave well throughout December, because Santa Claus can visit them any day from December 1 to December 24, and then naughty children will be left without a gift.

In Sweden, it is customary to give each other homemade candles for the New Year. In this northern country, it is dark and cold in winter, so candles give people light and warmth.

In the Soviet Union, January 1 was a working day for a long time. The workers received a day off on the first day of the New Year only in 1947.

In Poland, there should be 12 dishes on the New Year's table, and meat is not included in them. Otherwise, in the new year, happiness will bypass this house.

In Hungary, on New Year's Eve, there is a whistle everywhere. This, according to the Hungarians, brings wealth. In Russia, by the way, on the contrary, they say: "Don't whistle - there will be no money."

The Germans believe that you need to enter the new year clean, therefore, in Germany it is customary to wash in the last hours of the old year. Here our traditions coincide: the hero of our most popular New Year's film ended up in Leningrad after visiting a bathhouse.

In the Southern Hemisphere, New Years are celebrated no less fun than in the North, but there are, of course, some differences. There, New Year's holidays fall at the height of summer. Australians, for example, love to celebrate a holiday on the beach, and they are not dressed in warm clothes, like ours, but in bathing suits.

It is customary for Russian polar explorers in Antarctica to celebrate the New Year twice - Moscow time and local time. However, December 31 in Antarctica is a normal working day.

Christmas and New Year trees are an indispensable attribute of these holidays. In Europe, for example, about 60 million trees are sold out at the end of the year.