Interesting facts about Zhanna Frisk

Zhanna Friske is a famous singer, a talented actress and TV presenter, a sex symbol of the country, a stunning woman and, finally, just a wonderful mother. The life of interesting people is always filled with interesting facts, and here are a few about Zhanna Frisk:

1) Until 1996, Zhanna's surname was Kopylova (by her father), but later both Zhanna and her father changed the Kopylova's surname to Frisk, which is by no means fictitious. This surname belongs to the singer's grandmother - Paulina Wilhelmovna Friske.

2) Zhanna Friske's father is a successful businessman who owns one of the hotels in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

3) Zhanna's common-law husband and the father of their joint son Plato - the famous and talented Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev - is 9 years younger than his wife.

4) Zhanna Friske entered the Faculty of Journalism of the Humanitarian Institute after school, but never finished it.

5) Jeanne's father at first did not approve of his daughter's decision to join the "Brilliant" group and for some time did not even talk to her.

6) As a child, Zhanna believed in a fabulous bunny who brings gifts under the Christmas tree for the New Year.

7) Favorite sweetness - "Kiev cake".

8) The artist has a Labrador dog - Ulius (Ulya), with whom all sorts of troubles constantly happen, requiring the help of a veterinarian. Therefore, at home it is called the Dropper Dog.

9) During the 4 months spent in Mexico in connection with a slave on the "Vacations in Mexico" project, Jeanne made friends with a nosoha who every night sneaked into the singer's kitchen and stole chocolates, leaving numerous traces of the crime everywhere. After a while, Jeanne already specially left sweet delicacies for the animal.

10) On June 24, 2013, Jeanne was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor - glioblastoma. At the moment, almost 66, 5 million Russian rubles have been collected for the treatment of Friske in an American clinic.