In which country are strippers invited to the funeral?

In Taiwan, for a modest fee, half-naked women drive a neon-lit Electric Flower Cars truck to striptease in front of the departed and mourning, according to the Daily Mail. Someone considers this phenomenon outrageous, but many hail it as "a great way to send loved ones with a smile." The Taiwanese authorities are trying to take action to combat common practices that have a fine line between legal and illegal behavior. Inviting Electric Flower Cars to funerals is almost ubiquitous in rural areas, and it is impossible to understand culture without knowing this side of it.

Electric Flower Cars appeared in Taiwan in the early 1980s. Researchers cite several reasons why people invite them to funerals. Some argue that the purpose of these performances is to entertain old spirits meeting the spirit of the dead, so that newcomers can quickly get used to their company. Others say that the lower gods, mainly the spirits of real people, deified due to the fact that they were honored by people, love such performances and striptease is intended for them. The third version is that strippers are invited because the deceased loved to watch striptease during their lifetime. And one more reason is that the more people come to the funeral, the more honor is given to the deceased, thus, the strippers "lure" guests to the ceremony.

This ceremony is so popular also because it is the only entertainment for many people in the countryside.