Which icon depicts Stalin

In 2008, parishioners of the Church of St. Olga Equal to the Apostles in Strelna, Petrodvortsovy District of St. Petersburg, could see an icon of God exhibited in the Church of God called "Matrona and Stalin" ("Blessed Matrona blesses Joseph Stalin"), depicting St. Matrona of Moscow (1885-1952) and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the USSR I.V. Stalin.

According to legend, under the threat of the capture of Moscow by the Germans, Stalin visited Matrona. The saint said: “The Russian people will win, victory will be yours. You won't leave Moscow alone from the bosses. "

Some representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church condemned the actions of Abbot Evstafy Zhakov. Zhakov, whose initiative was widely criticized in the Orthodox environment, took the controversial icon from the church to his home. Earlier, due to the negative reaction of the parishioners, he removed her from a prominent place to the far corner of the temple.

Hegumen Eustathius, who exhibited an icon depicting Joseph Stalin in the church of St. Princess Olga in Strelna, was dismissed from the post of rector of the church under public pressure.