24 persons lived in one person

William Stanley Milligan was born in 1955 in Miami Beach and after a while got into all psychiatry textbooks.

Inside Billy Milligan there were 24 personalities that were obvious to those around him. Each individual person lived his own unique life. It seemed that several separate souls settled in one body.

In the late 1970s, Billy Milligan was involved in a well-known lawsuit in Ohio, USA, was accused of several robberies and three rapes, but after objective evidence of his mental disorder, he was sent to psychiatric observation.

Of the 24 personalities of Billy Milligan, only 10 could be released, and the rest were harshly suppressed for some immoral behavior. Scientists and doctors with great difficulty managed to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the country "Billy Milligan":

  • The first and main personality is Billy himself, 26 years old, constantly striving to commit suicide. Height 183 cm, weight 86 kg. The eyes are blue, the hair is brown. Dropped out of school. At the age of 16, he tried to jump off the roof, but other personalities stopped him and "put him to sleep" for 6 years, only occasionally allowing him to "come out into the light." Each such awakening was a shock for Billy, because he believed that he was dead; out of fright, he tried to commit suicide by any means at hand.
  • Arthur, 22 years old. Refined, educated, balanced, reasonable Englishman. Speaks with a British accent. He spends most of his time in the library. An expert in science and medicine, with a focus on hematology. Reads and writes Arabic fluently. He found out that he was not alone in Milligan's body, and identified the rest of the individuals. Established rules of conduct for the rest of the "family members." In safe situations, he dominates, deciding which of the "family" to appear in each case and own the mind of Milligan. Wear glasses.
  • Reygen Vadaskovinich, 23 years old. Yugoslav, speaks English with a noticeable Slavic accent. Reads and writes in Serbo-Croatian. Weight 95 kg. Very large, strong arms, long black hair, a drooping mustache. Draws black and white drawings because he is color blind. Sharpshooter, a specialist in karate, has exceptional strength, constrained by his ability to control the flow of adrenaline. Ragen's weak point is women and children, he does not hesitate to help them if they are in trouble, even to the point of stealing food and things for them. When Billy went to jail, Ragen was in charge.
  • Allen, 18 years old. A swindler, a manipulator, has excellent eloquence, thanks to Alena, other personalities could get out of any trouble. Plays the drums, paints portraits. Is on good terms with Billy's mother. Height is the same as Billy's; less weight (75 kg). Hair is parted on the right. The only one of all smokes cigarettes and is right-handed.
  • Tommy, 16, is a "master of escapes." He independently figured out electricity, the principles of operation of electrical and mechanical devices, he can open any lock. He learned to control muscles and joints, to get rid of handcuffs. Plays the saxophone, paints landscapes. Aggressive and uncommunicative. Light blond hair, dark amber eyes.
  • Denny, 14 years old. Afraid of people, especially men. Draws only still lifes, because he is afraid of the earth in any form - his stepfather once forced him to dig a grave and buried it in it, leaving only a hole for breathing. Shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, short and thin.
  • David, 8 years old. Takes over the pain and suffering of all individuals. Very sensitive and receptive, but absent-minded. Most of the time, he is confused, because he does not know what he is being punished for. Dark reddish-blond hair, blue eyes, small growth.
  • Christine, 3 years old. "A child for the corner." It was named so because it was she who stood in the corner at school and at home. An intelligent little Englishwoman, she can read and write in block letters, but suffers from a speech disorder. Likes to draw and color pictures with butterflies and flowers. Shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes. The favorite of the "family".
  • Christopher, 13 years old. Brother Christine. Speaks with a British accent. Obedient, and at the same time very mischievous child. Plays the harmonica. The hair is light brown like Christine, but the bangs are shorter.
  • Adalana, 19 years old. Lesbian. Shy and self-absorbed, writes poetry, prepares food and does housework for everyone else. Adalana has long, straight black hair. Since her brown eyes sometimes involuntarily move from side to side due to nystagmus, she is said to have “dancing eyes”.

The other 13 individuals were labeled "unwanted" and were banned from "going out" by Arthur and Ranger.

The unifying 24th personality of the world "Billy Milligan" was the Master, who first appeared clearly during Billy's treatment at the Athens Mental Health Center.

In 1991, after 10 years of intensive treatment, Billy Milligan was declared "whole" and released. He was interested in programming, physics and mathematics. In 1999, Billy wrote Harsesis, an artificial intelligence program with enhanced communication capabilities, and created about a dozen websites.

Now 58-year-old Billy Milligan works on the Council for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, negotiating claims of injured children to insurance companies. Consults illiterate prisoners and helps them to get education. Tests dogs for violent tendencies. He is fond of drawing.