Fathers day: history and traditions

Our parents are the closest people to us in the whole world. One of the first words spoken by a child is "mom" or "dad".

Mother's Day has long been celebrated in many countries around the world. Since 1998, Mother's Day has been celebrated in Russia on the last Sunday in November.

However, not everyone knows that fathers also have their own "professional" holiday.

For the first time, a resident of the city of Spokane, USA, Mrs. Dott (before Sonora Smart's marriage) thought about celebrating Father's Day in 1909. During her childhood, Sonora had five more children in her family. Her mother died during the last childbirth, and their father, William Jackson Smart, took care of the children. He coped with this difficult task with dignity, giving the children all his care, attention and love.

Sonora became an adult, she realized how much courage and dedication her father showed, one raising his daughters and sons to their feet. Mrs Dott drew up a petition proposing a new holiday, and the city council agreed. It was decided to hold the celebration on the birthday of William Smart - June 5, but there was very little time for preparation, and the holiday had to be postponed to June 19th.

Father's Day became a national holiday in America only in 1966. At the same time, US President Lyndon Johnson determined the nationwide date for the holiday - the third Sunday in June. Following the United States, Fathers Day began to be celebrated in many countries.

According to the established tradition, the symbol of Father's Day is the Rose flower, which is worn near the heart, pinned to clothes. Red roses are worn if the father is alive, and white roses if he left our world.

In Finland, Father's Day has been celebrated for over 50 years on the second Sunday in November. On this day, flags are hung, and children in schools and kindergartens prepare gifts for dads with their own hands. Estonia has been following the example of Finland since 1992.

In Germany, Father's Day falls on the Day of the Lord's Ascension.

In Australia, Father's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.

Brazilian dads receive congratulations on the second Sunday in August.

In Thailand, Fathers Day is celebrated on the birthday of the king of the country - December 5th.

Lithuanians celebrate Fathers Day on the first Sunday in June. Since 2011, the holiday has been given an official status.

In Spain and Portugal, the fathers of families are congratulated on March 19.

In Italy, Fathers' Day traditionally falls on the Day of St. Giuseppe. On this day, they congratulate and give gifts to all Italian men, but pay special attention to fathers.

In Russia, one of the first regions to legally establish Fathers Day was the Volgograd Region. Since 2006, they have been celebrating "Father's Day" on November 1st.

Since 2009, in the Altai Territory, Fathers Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of April.

At the unofficial level, International Fathers Day has been celebrated since 2011 in St. Petersburg and in some other cities of Russia on the third Sunday of June, this year it was the 16th.