BBC trains to bury the Queen

"In 2011, the BBC organized a special workshop for its reporters to teach them the rules of etiquette when announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth II, " reports The Sunday Times. This is due to the scandal that took place after the death of Queen Mother Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, when BBC viewers filed a large number of complaints against TV presenter Peter Sissons, who announced the death of the Queen Mother in a gray jacket and burgundy tie.

At the training, reporters and presenters of the BBC were told that the death of Queen Elizabeth II, when this happens, should be reported in a black jacket, white shirt and black tie. They were also told with what facial expression and with what intonation to announce the tragic event. Similar rules apply to the death of the Prince of Wales (currently the title belongs to Prince Charles) and the Duke of Cambridge (title of Prince William). In the event of the death of a member of the royal family, strict suits are always kept in the BBC office.

In the event of the death of one of the top officials of the state, the Air Force has prepared a special procedure: the broadcast on all TV channels and radio stations of the company will be suspended, and after the announcement of the news of the death, the national anthem of Great Britain will be played. The funeral of the august person takes place on the 12th day after death. Before the funeral, all entertainment shows are removed from the BBC air.

Source: TUT.BY