Interesting about execution by electric chair

In 1889, the American government came to the conclusion that execution by hanging was not humane and a special commission was created to choose a new, more painless method of killing criminals. This is where Thomas Edisson, at that time already a rather successful scientist (invented DC generators) and a businessman, appeared, with a proposal to kill prisoners with electric shock. After a series of experiments and experiments on cats and dogs, the government passed the "Electric Execution Act" on January 1, 1889 in the state of New York. On August 6, 1890, William Kemmler was the first in the world to be electrocuted at Auburn Prison for murdering his wife with an ax. Over the next ten years, it was legalized in more than ten states and became the most popular instrument of execution in America. In just over a hundred years of use, more than 4, 300 people have been executed in the electric chair. American prisoners call him "yellow mom" or "old smokehouse." The person is fixed on a special metal chair and alternating electricity of 2500 V, 5 A is passed through it for several minutes. Despite the propaganda of painless death, at times the condemned person begins to smoke, obsera and write for himself during the execution. After 1976, the US switched to lethal injection. The main motivation behind this decision was that the electric chair is too expensive to operate. By now, the electric chair can be used in 13 states, moreover, the prisoner himself can choose the type of execution for himself.