Interesting facts about euthanasia

Euthanasia is translated from Greek as easy death. It is the practice of killing a person suffering from an incurable disease at his request in order to end the suffering.

The term "euthanasia" was first used by the philosopher Francis Bacon in the 16th century to describe "easy death."

Interesting fact, due to the limited number of countries that allowed efthanasia, suicide tourism began to flourish in them. Terminally ill citizens of other states come there on purpose in order to completely legally make a voluntary departure from life. The most popular city for suicides, for some unknown reason, was Zurich in Switzerland.

A healthy Canadian citizen was euthanized at the Dignitas Clinic in Zurich. She motivated her request by the fact that she wanted to leave with her terminally ill husband.

Sigmund Freud, due to an incurable form of cancer of the palate, with the help of Dr. Schur, committed euthanasia in his London home on September 23, 1939, having previously survived 19 surgeries to remove tumors under local anesthesia.

The Hippocratic Oath contradicts the very idea of ​​euthanasia. And among the countries, the Netherlands became a pioneer in the field of legalizing voluntary death. In 1984, the country's Supreme Court declared voluntary euthanasia acceptable.

Euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002. In 2003, euthanasia helped to kill 200 terminally ill patients, and in 2004 - 360 patients. It is interesting that since April 2005, special kits for euthanasia have appeared in Belgian pharmacies, which make it possible to simplify the procedure for voluntary withdrawal from life. The kit, which costs approximately 60 euros, includes a disposable syringe with poison and other necessary injection equipment. The euthanasia kit can only be prescribed by the attending physician, who must indicate the exact dosage of the poisonous substance. You can place your order after contacting one of the 250 licensed Belgian pharmacies.

Last year, the German Federal Court ruled that the termination of maintenance therapy or the shutdown of a life-support device at the will of the patient (euthanasia) does not apply to killing, and therefore there are no obstacles to its implementation.

In the United States, a law allowing the provision of medical assistance in the implementation of suicide to patients was adopted (with a number of restrictions) in November 1994 in Oregon, and in November 2008 in Washington state.