The mysterious ship returned after 90 years

Still from the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

On May 16, 2015, the Cuban Coast Guard discovered a strange ship near the coast, which entered a zone closed to navigation and did not respond to requests by radio. It was decided to detain the intruder, and patrol boats went out to intercept the unfamiliar ship.

However, the border guards who boarded the vessel were surprised to notice that there was no crew on it. The "violator" of Cuba's territorial waters drifted without a command. The guards carefully examined the ship and found on it a diary that belonged to Captain Meyer. Thanks to the diary, it was possible to find out that this ship is called SS Cotopaxi, and in the twenties of the last century it belonged to one of the American shipping companies.

And on its last voyage, the cargo steamer set off on November 29, 1926. From the American port of Charleston, the ship went to Havana, there was coal on board.

Two days later, Cotopaxi gave a distress signal, it was reported that due to a crack in the hull, water began to flow into the hold. It was not possible to establish contact with the vessel anymore. The search lasted a whole month, but did not bring any results, the steamer disappeared without a trace.

On December 31, it was decided to stop the search, and the ship was declared missing. Cotopaxi joins the long list of victims of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. And now, almost 90 years later, the ocean unexpectedly returned a long-lost ship.

Captain Meyer's diary found on board helped only to establish the name of the ship, but did not reveal the reasons for the mysterious disappearance of the crew. It is possible that the sailors, trying to escape, left the ship and died in the ocean. But how could an unguided vessel go unnoticed for many years? By the way, the ship's hull itself looks as if it had been abandoned a long time ago.

The stretch of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico has long enjoyed a notorious reputation. It is said that here, under mysterious circumstances, about 150 ships and aircraft disappeared without a trace. The Bermuda Triangle got its name back in 1840, when the French sailing ship Rosalia was discovered near the Bahamas with full equipment and cargo, but without a crew.

The Cuban authorities said they will conduct a thorough investigation and try to find out the mystery of the disappearance and appearance of the steamer Cotopaxi. All secrets are revealed. It is possible that someday it will be possible to unravel the secrets of the mysterious triangle.

P.S. Unsurprisingly, this story turned out to be another newspaper duck, published by the yellow online edition of the world news daily report on May 18, 2015. According to confirmed reports, no official information has been received from the Cuban Coast Guard regarding this case, and the photo of Cotopaxi in the article was taken from Steven Spielberg's fantasy film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in 1977.