What is bullshit

Tufta is one of those words that, probably, each of us knows and uses in his vocabulary since childhood. "Drive bullshit" or "what kind of bullshit" - these expressions mean a lie, untruth or fake, but why exactly with this word, mean everything false and unreal?

The history of the word "bullshit" has several versions of its origin. According to one of them, everything began with the construction of the Stalin White Sea-Baltic Canal, abbreviated as the White Sea Canal, connecting the White Sea with Lake Onega. All work was carried out mainly by prisoners of the GULAG. The work was physically very hard because the builders practically did not have modern equipment and almost all the work was carried out by manual labor, and therefore such work was designated Heavy Physical Labor, abbreviated "tft", and in conversation this abbreviation sounded like "bullshit". Many prisoners, in order not to overwork the norm, which could be raised because of this, imitated work. Hence the slang "to drive bullshit" that is. really not to work, but only to pretend to work.

Other sources claim that the word "bullshit" comes from the word "tuff" - the name of the fabric for lining under the cloth. Such fabrics were usually of poor quality, therefore, over time, everything that was of poor quality began to be called bullshit.

Also "bullshit" was called a game of cards without money. The game was not for fun, was considered fake, not bringing real excitement and therefore "bullshit".

It is quite possible that the origin of "bullshit" is much more prosaic. There is such a porous finishing stone "travertine" or calcareous tuff, which was used in construction in ancient times. For example, it was used even during the construction of the Colosseum. So, perhaps the word bullshit came from the words of dissatisfied builders, who were not eliminated by the low hardness of this building material.