Why is a fake called a lime tree?

Linden - such a nominal word is often used to denote a fake. It has become so tightly embedded in our lives that we rarely think about when we pronounce it. But why exactly linden, and not alder, birch or, for example, maple - does the tree often lie or are linden flowers fake? In order to answer this question, let's plunge into history. Indeed, since antiquity, craftsmen have actively used linden wood for their handicrafts. Here it is worth looking for the reason for the emergence of so many original synonyms.

Fake linden stamps

The first option is rooted in ancient history, when writing was just being mastered. In those days, seals were used to approve documents, which were made from metal plates. Special craftsmen learned to forge royal seals from linden, which was distinguished by pliability and softness. By cutting out fake seals, fraudsters received a fake with smooth edges and a high-quality print. Over time, the secret of forgeries was revealed and the phony clichés acquired not only direct, but also figurative meaning.

Sticky Sticky Cards

The second variant of the emergence of the popular synonym for forgery is associated with card cheating. The players used a special trick to trick colleagues during the game. They put their hands under the table, where additional icons were attached to the surface of the card, which increased the value of the card. Such a clever addition was called "sticky". After a short time, the deception was noticed and their suit and dignity were additionally indicated on the cards in order to get rid of dishonest players. There is another version of the appearance of a fake synonym, and it is also associated with card games. The cheaters glued the cards together to create the illusion that there were not two cards, but one, and at the right time to get the one that would allow you to win.

The Church History of the "Linden"

For the synonym "fake" we can also thank the church ministers. Perhaps it was with their light hand that the word acquired popular fame and is still used in everyday life. To decorate Christian churches, at first, church attributes were made of valuable types of wood, cypress or cedar, but due to frequent fires and wars, the temples were periodically looted. Then, in order to save money, they began to make iconostases from linden.

Linden Bast Shoes

Perhaps the negative meaning of the word "linden" is due to the fact that bast shoes were woven from linden bast, and were quite short-lived. - they were enough for 2-3 weeks. Hence "fake" - unreliable, low-quality.

It is still unknown what was the root cause of the appearance of the word "fake" to denote a fake. Each of the versions has the right to life. It seems that the first option with fake seals is most similar to the truth. But that's why it is fake, to deceive and not let us understand under what conditions and when it arose.