The word lapserdak has been familiar to us since childhood. This is how grandmothers like to express themselves when it comes to some ridiculous jacket or short coat. This word is undoubtedly outdated, but still relevant ...

Indeed, in Russian the word lapserdak is used in the meaning - rags, poverty. This is what they usually say about ridiculous, poorly made clothes. By the way, lapserdak used to be sometimes called semi-donchik.

The word takes its meaning from the German Lappen - a rag and the Polish serdak - caftan, sleeveless jacket, in addition to Yiddish la "b - bodice, upper part of clothing.

In addition, the lapserdak is a long-skimmed men's coat of Jewish believers. The cut of the lapserdak was finally formed by the beginning of the 17th century. Since that time, lapserdak has been a distinctive feature of the male Jewish costume in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, moreover, in the territories that were part of the Russian Empire (Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine), up to the beginning of the 20th century.